Zentiva Creates “The Parc” Bringing Together Talent in Drug Research

According to a recent press release receiving little attention, Zentiva Group initiated The Parc, a new research platform connecting chemistry, pharma technology, biopharmacy and clinical research.   The sponsors of Parc are sponsoring an information sharing session on Tuesday March 5th, 09:00 Central European Time via webcast. See links:

When: Tuesday March 5th, 09:00 CET
Where: Zentiva Group, a.s. U Kabelovny 130 102 37 Prague 10. Czech Republic
Web stream link: https://digital.vevent.com/rt/zentiva/index.jsp?seid=369             

TrialSite News was intrigued so we did a little digging.  We include a brief summary of the Zentiva Group a well as a little more information about The Parc.

Zentiva Group

They are a Generics and OTC medicine firm with over 2,500 employees across Europe with two production facilities in Prague and Bucharest.  Their roots go back 530 years to the Black Eagle Pharmacy, a small business that served the people of Prague—making it one of the oldest health companies in the world.  Until last year, Zentiva was French pharmaceutical giant’s genetic business but in October of 2018 it was acquired by private equity group Advent International for 1.9 billion Euros.   Sanofi apparently didn’t yield much of a return. They acquired the same asset in 2008 for 1.8 billion Euros.

More About the Parc

Initiated by Zentiva, The Parc was created in associated with three academic partners including:

  • The University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
  • The Faculty of Science in Charles University
  • The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The Parc has apparently been an actual group for the last five years—serving as a hub or a nexus for rising talent within the pharmaceutical industry as well as academia—with a focus on accelerating drug research and development.