Yale Initiated Study Showcases Positive Results for DSR Therapy Clinical POC


Yale’s Dr. Jefferey Testani completed an investigator initiated study demonstrating that single dose DSR therapy study in humans was safe and well-tolerated, and results in a clinically relevant removal of sodium with consistent results between treated patients, reports Yahoo Finance.

The underlying therapy was developed by Sequana Medical NV (SEQUA), a commercial stage medical device company focused on the development of innovative treatment solutions for the management of liver disease, heart failure, malignant ascites and other fluid imbalance disorders.

Study Summary

  • First-in-human single dose DSR study meets primary and secondary endpoints
  • Direct Sodium Removal (DSR) was safe and well tolerated
  • Substantially higher solidum removal with DSR vs. standard peritoneal Dialysis (PD) solution
  • Consistent results between treated patients
  • First clinical study of repeated dose DSR with alfapump® (alfapump DSR) planned to commerce in the second half of 2019

DSR Treatment

A key problem in treating patients with volume overload is that the removal of fluid without the removal of the associated sodium only results in temporary benefit. Sequana Medical’s innovative DSR therapy removes the sodium and then the body eliminates the associated fluid to restore the sodium concentration, resulting in sustained fluid removal.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Jeffrey Testani, Associate Professor, Yale