Why Is Information About Ivermectin Censored? A Retired Physician in Lewiston Suggests the Answer

Why Is Information About Ivermectin Censored? A Retired Physician in Lewiston Suggests the Answer

While TrialSite frequently follows clinical investigational superstars and their breakthroughs around the world, just as important are those practicing physicians in the clinic, in the cities and small towns across America, and beyond. After all, that’s where health care is delivered and, at times, when your doctor has a little time in his practice to get caught up with yourself, family, and overall well-being, they may just share some of their point of view on important topics, such as COVID-19—less any background chatter or noise. During the pandemic, with lots of information and misinformation circulating about, it’s certainly refreshing to listen to some straight talk, that is, without all the spin, positioning, and packaging of information. That’s because the impact of such a massive public relations campaign is exhausting. So once in a while, to get perhaps a different point of view of COVID-19 current events, sometimes a visit to the local small-town newspaper is a peaceful respite from the information war that’s accompanied the pandemic.  Recently, that’s exactly what a retired physician here in Lewiston, Idaho, did—bought some good old-fashioned western straight talk directly to the world, thanks to the Lewiston Tribune. And this physician, a retired ophthalmologist, breaks down and conveys an explanation for the root cause of so much information suppression and censorship associated with the pandemic and many of the efforts to find low-cost, effective treatments in the quest to augment vaccines and drive a global recovery. And if they’re smart, they should be listening. He plays an open hand, putting all the cards on the table for the world to see. He shares that while most of the world’s governments and  health authorities all behave like they’re worthy of the people’s trust during this pandemic—that is, they have incorporated objective, unbiased and scientific methods to support the various national and regional programs to combat COVID-19in all reality, shares this retired small town doctor, “They have likely lost it.” While, rightfully, patients and the healthcare-consuming public generally seek more accurate information to guide better, more informed decision making, along with expecting accountability from their government authorities, the people haven’t received either. Eggleston suggests that a confluence of government, social tech conglomerates, and pharmaceutical industry interests end up during the pandemic actually driving more misinformation while evading necessary accountability to the people they serve.  

Do Your Best to Help the Patient

Physicians, in providing the best possible care to their patients, seek out objective, unbiased information from health authorities such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and global bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). They, unfortunately, have been “misled by entities that previously could be trusted,” suggests the retired physician in the Op-Ed in the Lewiston Tribune

Reminding all that care to understand, the physician shares that regardless of normal times or emergency, doctors look at multiple sources for evidence, from randomized controlled trials to real-world evidence and other empirical observations ongoing. That’s how doctors and medical clinics have treated patients. Never before has there been so much top-down pressure from a confluence of interests and authorities to dictate what’s fact versus fiction and surprisingly, those that are responsible for publishing the truth while serving to hinder misinformation are actually, according to Dr. Eggleston, doing the opposite. 

Eggleston raises the Ivermectin example. With four decades of use accompanied by about 4 billion doses and now backed by nearly 60 studies, backed and validated by meta-analyses, the Idahoan wonders aloud what’s behind the intense, virulent and toxic response. Why was Facebook’s CEO confirming with the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), on what to block on that near-monopolistic social media platform? Dr. Eggleston puts forth his suggested answer ,thanks to the support of the Lewiston Tribune. A hint: the “disinformation playbook” mobilizes a broad range of actors to ensure competitive alternatives don’t cut into pandemic-based profit-taking. 

Call to Action: Follow the link to read Dr. Eggleston’s piece in the Lewiston Tribune here.


  1. Check out the new media release from Merck the maker of Ivermectin. They are rather in trials on a new therapeutic which of course would be fully patented and with a much better profit potential than pushing for a cheaper product even though it works…..