When Nothing Else Works, Judges Are Siding With Ivermectin.

When Nothing Else Works, Judges Are Siding With Ivermectin.

By Mary Beth Pfeiffer

It took two court hearings, frantic medical and legal maneuvers, and a wrenching 80-hour delay. But finally at 8:53 p.m. on Monday May 3, a COVID-19 patient got the ivermectin that her doctor -- and a judge, twice -- had ordered. 

Whether the comatose patient, Nurije Fype, 68, will survive is a still in question. But Ralph Lorigo, the attorney who is fighting for her life, is not done yet.

The Buffalo, N.Y., lawyer won court orders on Friday May 1 and, after the first was ignored, again on Monday May 3, telling Elmhurst Hospital to give Fype ivermectin “immediately”. But despite the long delay, Lorigo lost his bid on Tuesday May 4 to make the Chicago-area hospital pay a $25,000 fine and court costs, and to stop it from insisting Fype’s guardian sign away any hospital responsibility for her treatment.

Those twin decisions – to allow the drug on one hand, but let the hospital off on costly delays – shows the promise and limits of using courts to get desperately needed care.

 “The whole purpose was to let this drug be administered and it’s being administered,” DuPage County Judge James Orel told the parties. “There’s nothing left for thi...

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