Webinar: Diversifying Clinical Trial Participation: Effective Strategies for Identifying & Recruiting Diverse Patient Participants

Webinar Diversifying Clinical Trial Participation Effective Strategies for Identifying & Recruiting Diverse Patient Participants

Come join a WCG-sponsored webinar covering an incredibly important topic given the news of late with COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need for more diversified participation in vaccine trials. The growing movement toward precision healthcare requires that approved medications benefit all populations. However, ethnic minorities, such as African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans are systematically underrepresented in clinical research. With the pandemic and public dialogue, the time is now to open and discuss ways to build trust, engagement and work towards greater participation in research for all groups.

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 23rd at 2:00PM ET (1 hour webinar)

Key talking points during this webinar:

  • How do we do a better job bringing awareness and accessibility about clinical trials to a diverse racial/ethnic patient population?
  • What are some specific, concrete ideas that can be employed to increase enrollment of diverse participant populations?
  • How will the increasing role of mobile data collection tools impact the diversity of clinical trial populations as we adjust to the “new normal” of clinical trials post- COVID-19?


  • LaTasha Lee, Ph.D., MPH, Vice President of Clinical and Social Research and Development, National Minority Quality Forum
  • Kathy Machuzak, Director, Patient Advocacy, Retrophin
  • Mel Mann, MBA, M.Ed, Patient Advocate


  • Michael F. Cioffi, Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions and Strategic Partnerships, WCG

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