Watchlist Series | AstraZeneca Phase 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Study: Unprecedented Compression of Timeline

Sep 6, 2020 | Digital Media, Video, Watchlist Series

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Is President Trump preparing to fast track the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine known as AZD1222? According to a report in the Financial Times, this is exactly what is being contemplated. One tool to help make this happen, according to these reports, is the use of the emergency use authorization (EUA) in October. Currently, A UK study involving AZD1222 has enrolled 10,000 participants while U.S. government agencies established the bar at 30,000 volunteers. The White House has declined to comment on any fast-tracking of AZD1222. It should be noted that This investigational product, developed by University of Oxford is considered by some to be the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Now, AZD1222 has arrived in America for the Phase 3 pivotal study, which has an estimated start date of August 17, according to government disclosures. And so, TrialSite identified a major anomaly worthy of discussion. It involves the study’s estimated primary completion date: unlike any other major COVID-19 Phase 3 vaccine study in the West or for that matter in the East. This study timeline is unbelievably compressed with the estimated start date of August 17 followed by the estimated primary completion date on December 2, 2020. Does this unprecedented timeline compression have a purpose above and beyond good science and public health?

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  1. Kurt Weiberger

    Because Oxford University and their vaccine development had been working on SARS and MERS they had a head start on this. The drop in value to AstraZenica is in small part due to the non profit approach while the earth is in a pandemic phase. But AstraZenica also took on far to much debt when they acquired a cancer drug in June. That has prevented us investors from seeing so much as a penny of profit from investing in AstraZenica.

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