Washington University Siteman Cancer Center Explores More Precision Medicine with BostonGene Deal

Washington University Site Man Cancer Center has inked a multi-program research-based collaborative deal with BostonGene Corporation (BostonGene). Washington University oncologists will leverage BostonGene offerings to obtain detailed analysis, interpretation, and visualization of big data obtained from the academic medical center’s patient’s genomic, genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and imaging tests.

BostonGene Solution

The solution identifies all significant somatic alterations, evaluates protein expression, computes tumor clonality, tumor heterogeneity, tumor microenvironment cell type composition, hereditary predisposition, viral infestation, pharmacogenomics and predicts neoantigens for personalized vaccine development among other molecular features.

The vendor’s MF Portrait generates visually-appealing and self-explanatory tumor schematics—in the words of the press release elegantly showcasing tumor activity, tumor cellular composition, activity of immune-microenvironment and other tumor-associated processes.

Why did Washington University select BostonGene?

Todd Fehniger, MD/PhD, an oncologist with Washington University treating patients at Siteman Cancer Center reports, “We’re collaborating with BostonGene to evaluate how its technology can help us identify the best treatments for patients based on the underlying characteristics of their cancers, with the goal of increasing survival. The company’s analytics and integration of scientific and clinical knowledge is aimed at complementing and empowering the precision medicine approach for individual cancer patients.

Who is BostonGene?

Founded in 2015, BostonGene has raised $50 million in venture investments. They are pioneering the use of biomedical software for advanced patient analysis and personalized therapy decision making in the fight against cancer. BostonGene’s unique solution performs sophisticated analytics to aid clinicians in their evaluation of viable treatment options for each patient’s individual genetics, tumor and tumor microenvironment, clinical characteristics and disease profile. BostonGene’s mission is to enable physicians to provide every patient with the highest probability of survival through optimal cancer treatments using advanced, personalized therapies. For more information, visit BostonGene’s website.