Virtual Research Organization Partners with Network of Gastroenterological Trial Site Centers to Support Decentralized Home-Based Studies

Virtual Research Organization Partners with Network of Gastroenterological Trial Site Centers to Support Decentralized Home-Based Studies TrialsiteN

A global “virtual research organization” or “VRO” called ObvioHealth paired with GI Alliance, one of the nation’s largest independent gastroenterology services organizations, to ink a new partnership formed to design and deliver improved clinical trial experiences via the use of decentralized clinical trial designs. By bringing together ObvioHealth’s virtual trial capabilities with GI Alliance’s network of over 150 physician-led research centers, that is, trial sites, to facilitate hybrid clinical trials that make research easier and safer for patients while providing improved efficacy data for trial sponsors. This is made possible by ObvioHealth’s proprietary e-consent, electronic data capture (EDC), electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO), into on-site care from GI Alliance’s team of gastroenterology experts. ObvioHealth is a spinoff of global life-sciences consultancy called SPRIM Global.

TrialSite breaks down this deal for better comprehension of what is the value proposition, who are the players, what is the technology, etc.

What is the benefit of this partnership bringing together a “VRO” with a gastroenterology-based services organization?

According to their jointly issued press release, Dr. Tim Ritter, Senior Research Medical Director of GI Alliance claimed, “This partnership helps alleviate many of the burdensome requirements of clinical trials, allowing our physicians to concentrate on patient care and better support them through the clinical trial journey.” 

While Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth, declared, “Clinical studies for inflammatory bowel and liver diseases often require on-site procedures that cannot be done virtually. Our relationship with GI Alliance gives our clients access to one of the nation’s most reputable network of sites across the U.S., providing expert care tailored to GI patients’ needs.

Is this deal a recognition that, for the most part, clinical trials cannot be fully virtual in the gastroenterology space?


What is ObvioHealth’s background? What do they do?

According to the press release, ObvioHealth is an end-to-end Virtual Research Organization (VRO) that delivers better data to sponsors and an easier clinical trial experience for participants. The company developed and launched the first patient-centric app, downloadable on smartphones enabling people to participate in clinical trials from the comfort of their homes.

To date the company has been awarded 30 studies from 20 “blue chip” clients, implemented in 17 countries in 13 different therapeutic areas.

Launched in 2017, by its corporate parent known as SPRIM Global, the firm was the result of a financed spinoff by SPRIM and TKS1, a life-science focused venture capital fund made possibly by SPRIM and Tikehau Capital (TKO:FP).

The firm recently raised at least $20 million from venture capital according to Crunchbase. They last raised $17 million this year. Based in Orlando Florida, TrialSite estimates their employee count to be between 30 and 40 and their revenue between $5m to $7.5m. Their co-founder is SPRIM’s Ivan Jarry.

ObvioHealth was the result of a spinoff of SPRIM Global—what is this organization?

SPRIM originated in India as a life sciences consultancy and a venture capital company for early-stage startups in biotech and digital health. At SPRIM, we believe the right innovations can deliver massive health impacts. Therefore, we are building a company that identifies life-improving innovations and brings them efficiency to scale. The company has a portfolio of offerings and companies including ObvioHealth, Fibronostics, RegASK, Travecta Therapeutic, Vanteres, 1nHealth and SQR 1 Labs.

What software tools do they provide to support virtual studies?

The company has developed a series of cloud-based software modules including Study Design & Set Up, Enrollment & Outboarding, Logistics Management, Outcomes Measurement & Remote Monitoring, Medical Assessment & Clinical Oversight, Reporting & Data Visualization and Regulatory, Data Privacy & Security.

What is the GI Alliance?

GI Alliance is a physician-led and majority physician-owned GI services organization representing independent gastroenterologists operating in Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. GI Alliance prioritizes clinical excellence while offering an exceptional patient experience. GI Alliance provides operational support to the practices and empowers gastroenterologists to work collaboratively to improve the quality of care for patients.