Vietnam MoH Works with Commercial Sponsor AstraZeneca to Launch “Healthy Lung” Portal

TrialSite News commends Vietnam’s Ministry of Health and its’ Medical Examination and Treatment Department, however we do think that these types of government/commercial sponsor partnerships should be further scrutinized prior to release of public facing websites.  AstraZeneca is a publicly traded company with significant pressure to return ROI to investors/shareholders.  The nation of Vietnam, Ministry of Health as an absolute responsibility to the citizens and residents of Vietnam and their continued health improvement. It would be interesting to know how the Vietnam Ministry of Health selected AstraZeneca as the partner for this website. Did they initiate a fair and objective RFP process to other commercial sponsors and organizations specializing in health care information?  If TrialSite News readers send us comments or feedback requesting more information then we will dig into this a little deeper. In the meantime on to the story from VietnamNET.

The website aims to provide health information on respiratory diseases, especially asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Director of the department Luong Ngoc Khue said the website will create a forum for health experts in asthma and COPD departments nationwide and help people access information about respiratory illnesses.

He added that the first asthma and COPD management unit was established at the Khanh Hoa Hospital of TB & Lung Diseases in May 2018 under the “Healthy Lung” programme.

In the third quarter of 2018, the programme will continue establishing and upgrading 30 similar units across the country. Nitin Kapoor, a representative from AstraZeneca, said the portal will provide all necessary information about the diseases for early detection and treatment.

The Ministry of Health and AstraZeneca signed a cooperation pact to implement the “Healthy Lung” programme in Vietnam last year. Under the programme, AstraZeneca will sponsor the building of 150 outpatient centres curing the diseases to facilitate early detection and treatment. The outpatient treatment network is expected to reduce economic and health care burdens for Vietnam.

A national survey showed that about 4.2 percent of the Vietnamese population suffers from COPD, while many others are yet to be diagnosed and treated due to poor infrastructure, limited public awareness and weak health sector capacity.