Vietnam Health System—Insurance Policy Adjustments in Grass-Roots Clinics

TrialSite News staff took interest to this article as we take a keen interest in nations’ health systems as in many cases these infrastructures are leveraged for clinical research. In the case of Vietnam, the government health authority has set up private family doctor models in big cities in the form of public/private partnership models contributing to more medical personnel in “commune” medical centers.  The writers report that generally the Vietnamese authority investment in this grass-roots model has a positive correlation to preventative ehealth; however, the Vietnamese grass-roots clinics are failing to meet patients’ demands due to low quality. Vietnamese prefer big hospitals over the health communes and hence overcrowding at the hospitals is a significant issue. We have published articles on Vietnamese clinical research trends and for those readers that are interested in Vietnam as a location for clinical research, contact us as we have accumulated significant amounts of information and contacts in Vietnam. We maintain a data repository of all Vietnamese investigators.