Vaccine Research as a Care Option as Delays in Production Lead to Trial Participation Options in Houston, Texas

Vaccine Research as a Care Option as Delays in Production Lead to Trial Participation Options in Houston, Texas TrialsiteN

Accessing COVID-19 vaccine product approved for emergency use has been a challenge, despite all the money and effort put into the Operation Warp Speed backed program. Due to a confluence of factors, including production issues at the biotech companies, individuals in some communities are awaiting the opportunity for inoculation against COVID-19. Now in the Houston area, those frustrated with waiting don’t have to as the clinical research as a care option affords new opportunity to access the leading investigational vaccine candidates. For example, the trial site organization profiled here before, DM Clinical Research, now seeks thousands of people to volunteer in both the Novavax and Johnson & Johnson clinical trials testing promising COVID-19 vaccines. Studies involving Pfizer and Moderna also continue.

Those interested in the Houston area need only sign up online at, suggests Elizabeth Hoff, executive director of DM Clinical Research. Reported on by local media KHOU-11, Ms. Hoff reports, “A significant part of the population is not eligible for vaccines rolling out across the country right now, so I do believe these patients can get faster access through us instead of the chaos naturally happening within Houston, Texas, and frankly the country.”

Pfizer Study

Apparently, even though the vaccine has been approved on an emergency basis, Pfizer is still at it, conducting studies with the BioNTech mRNA-based product known as BNT162b2, for example. Apparently, in the latest Pfizer test, there is no placebo, so one is assured access according to the recent press account.

DM Clinical Research

TrialSite has profiled DM Clinical Research and its peer site group Texas Center for Drug Development. These groups are owned by a successful clinical research site entrepreneur named Mohammad Millwalla. Houston is America’s 4th largest city with over 7 million.

Call to Action: Check out these studies if interested in the vaccine–they are all in Phase 3, meaning they have passed through significant safety rounds. Need support researching studies. Feel free to contact the TrialSite for assistance in reviewing.