UW-Madison Spinoff Pursues COVID-19 Vaccine: Introducing Pan Genome Systems

Mar 22, 2020 | Coronavirus, COVID-19, Investor Watch, News, Start-up, UW-Madison, Vaccine

UW-Madison Spinoff Purses COVID-19 Vaccine Introducing Pan Genome Systems

University of Wisconsin (UW)–Madison houses an important lab where ongoing research led to an experimental animal vaccine to protect chickens from coronavirus. Upon the COVID-19 outbreak starting late last year, Adel Talaat, who runs a lab at the UW-Madison, recently leveraged the vaccine to advance a candidate for humans. Talaat commenced testing the vaccine on mice last month and also spun-out a startup to commercialize the vaccine.

COVID-19 Updates

Adel Talaat is part of a team of scientists at UW-Madison pursuing a vaccine to address COVID-19. As of this writing (March 22, 2020), worldwide there have been 334,514 and 14,599 deaths. In the United States, 32,356 cases are reported with a total of 414 deaths. Although these numbers still are not comparable to an annual influenza season (50K+ died just last year in America alone), this highly contagious and new virus is just in the early stages of spreading. Governments and health experts don’t know what damage it can ultimately do and, hence, the controls and measures taken everywhere.

The UW-Madison Experimental Vaccine

The UW-Madison experimental vaccine, again still in the very early animal testing stage, would be in the form of a nasal spray as opposed to an injection. In fact, Adel Talaat is on a mission to make it easier to administer; all would prefer a nasal sprayer over an injection.


Talaat has spun off the technology from UW-Madison into a Madison, WI startup called Pan Genome Systems. He aims to commercialize the Vaccine.

Pan Genome Systems

Pan Genome Systems, based in the town of Lakes, Madison, WI, seeks to develop and deliver a novel, patent-protected vaccines and diagnostics directed to control John’s disease in cattle, Avian Influenza and Avian Coronavirus (infectious Bronchitis Virus) in Poultry. The startup also provides research services to help others in developing their own products.

The company is led by UW-Madison researcher Adel Talaat and Dr. Yashdeep Phanse, PhD.

Lead Research/Investigator

Adel Talaat, PhD, Department of Pathobiological Services

Call to Action: Interested in checking out Talaat’s lab? See the link. Interested in potential investment? This upstart could be an interesting candidate.


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