Utah Life Sciences Summit: Emerging Technologies from the University of Utah

Utah Life Sciences Summit Emerging Technologies from the University of Utah

On November 7th, 2019, TrialSite News attended the Utah Life Sciences Summit. To say it was a success is an understatement. The amount of information gained, the highlighting speakers and experts from all over the clinical trial and pharmaceutical industry, made it a true phenomenon. In our endeavor to cover the event, we’ve written on The Rainbow of Drug Reimbursement as well as Trending Topics at the FDA . In this last report on the Summit, we’re going to cover Emerging Technologies at The University of Utah, as presented by Keith Marmer, Executive Director and Associate Vice President at the Center for Technology and Venture Commercialization at the University of Utah.

Marmer’s strong leadership skills come from 30 years of experience as an inventor, entrepreneur and investor. Overseeing operations for TVC, Keith’s passion for innovation has helped countless ideas get the momentum they need to succeed. He has three patents, launched four companies and helped raised more than $500 million in investment capital.

What does TVC do?

The University of Utah has big news to share with audience members: they have gained a $150 million grant from the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and the University of Utah has been admitted into the Association of American Universities, the most elite organization for universities. They have launched an Orthopedic Innovation Center, and the Center for Technology and Venture Commercialization (TVC) is growing as well. TVC provides services like patent prosecution, licensing, startup formation and support, equity portfolio management, economic development, ecosystem catalyzation and more.

Highlighted Researchers and Start-Ups

Nathan Knighton is a biomedical engineering PhD at the University of Utah and has been developing an investigational AFib treatment called the Imaging AFib Catheter (IAC). This all-in-one cardiac catheter introduces and evaluates a comprehensive framework based on convolutional neural networks for quantifying atrial fibrosis from images acquired with catheterized fiber-optics confocal microscopy (FCM).

Dr. Jason Shepherd is a professor at the University of Utah as well as the founder of Shepherd Laboratory, where they are studying how the cells in your brain hold memory at the molecular level. We invite you to follow the link to their website to learn more.

The start-ups originating from U of U include TheraTarget, who is developing a targeted drug delivery technolgy that could drastically improve the efficacy of chemotherapy by allowing the anticancer drugs to be delivered directly to the tumor site. Majelco Medical, Inc. is a University of Utah spin-out, seed-stage company that has developed a proprietary, disposable device to measure accurately surgical blood loss, targeting 10 million moderate blood loss surgeries (MBLS) that take place annually in the USA alone. MBLS are surgeries with an expected, approximate blood loss of 300 – 1500 cc. Inherent Biosciences, led by Andy Olson, is a biotechnology company that uses the most advanced and reliable epigenetic discoveries for accurate diagnosis, prediction and general wellness. They focus on “what is inherent in our biology that provides answers for the unexplained.”

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