Utah Life Sciences Summit 2019

Utah Life Sciences Summit 2019

Previously, TrialSite News covered the exciting expansion of life sciences in Utah. With newfound connections made to Utah’s most prominent life science leaders, it was our pleasure to attend the 2019 Utah Life Sciences Summit held November 7th, 2019, at the Salt Lake Marriot at City Creek. Below is our report of the event.

As described on their website, the Utah Life Sciences Summit truly is “The Convergence of Life Sciences Leadership.” The full-day event had a distinguished lineup of speakers, including Governor Gary Herbert (via video); Dr. Jeff Shuren, Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; and Rich McKeown, co-founder/chair of Leavitt Partners.

Other headlining speakers included Kelvyn Cullimore, President and CEO of BioUtah; Rob Etherington, CEO of Clene Nanomedicine and Chair of BioUtah; Ben Comer, Senior Manager at PwC Health Research Institute; Rob Wright, Chief Editor of Life Science Leader Magazine; and Scott LaGanga, Senior Vice President of PhRMA. 

With attendees from all sectors of the life sciences community—from devices and diagnostics, to drugs and biologics—an air of excitement, advancement, and connection filled the Summit. No matter their expertise in the field, we’re sure all participants found the Summit to be as educational as it was eye-opening. In addition to the Morning Session and Luncheon, which featured the keynote speakers mentioned above, there were three sessions registrants could attend. Each session had three focused presentations to choose from (Regulatory, Reimbursement and Life Sciences), depending on your interest and industry.

As this was the 10th annual Life Sciences Summit, we were honored to see our article, “Utah Life Sciences Elevated,” as a hand-out to all those registering. In the last 10 years, there has been an unprecedented amount of growth in the life sciences industry in Utah, and the success and collaboration witnessed at the Summit was a testament to that.

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