US Senate Hearing Explores Ivermectin as “Miracle Drug” for COVID-19 While Mainstream Media Outlets Ignore

US Senate Hearing Explores Ivermectin as “Miracle Drug” for COVID-19 While Mainstream Media Outlets Ignore

On December 8, the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held a hearing formally titled, “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II.” The focus of the hearing was testimony from frontline physicians as to underutilized treatments, including ivermectin. TrialSite previously offered an editorial view of the hearing in which we took ranking Democrat Senator Gary Peters to task for unfounded attacks on the doctor witnesses. Mainstream media reported on criticisms of some of the witnesses’ views prior to the hearing, but was largely silent afterwards. One outlet that did cover the actual hearings is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from December 8. The hearing was chaired by Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and included physicians who promoted alternative COVID-19 treatments and who accused “organized medicine” of suppressing their use. Pulmonary specialist Pierre Kory of the Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Wisconsin testified that ivermectin is a “wonder drug” in this pandemic. “We are telling the world this is the solution to COVID-19,” offered Dr. Kory. Other witnesses touted HCQ, in spite of the FDA’s revocation of its EUA over the summer.

Democrat Accuses Doctors of “Playing Politics” 

According to the witnesses called by committee chairman Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, some in the medical establishment and public agencies are derelict for  not researching and promoting cheap, repurposed drugs for early intervention in COVID-19 cases. “They’re safe and they’re cheap and they just might be incredibly effective,” offered  Johnson, who also said that, “tens of thousands of people have lost their lives” as authorities have focused on finding a new and expensive “silver bullet.” Some Democrats (who did not attend in the main), called the hearing “anti-science” and prior to it a group of experts argued, “We are facing a dangerous barrage of misinformation that ignores evidence and dismisses the scientific process, undermining our national response and belief in science.” The aforementioned Senator Peters said that the committee hearing was, “playing politics with public health—-I very much regret that in times of need Americans cannot turn to this committee for sound guidance.” Notably, Peters, “appeared at the hearing to read his opening statement and then declined to participate further.”

Dr. Pierre Kory: Ivermectin is a Wonder Drug 

Also on December 8, another smaller outlet weighed in on the committee’s hearing. Newswise cited witness Dr. Pierre Kory, who is president of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and who called for swift review and utilization of ivermectin, the anti-parasite drug which TrialSite has covered extensively. Failing to use this drug means that, “It will all be needless death from here on out, given that there is a readily available scientific solution to the pandemic.” Kory noted that available data shows that ivermectin can prevent COVID-19 when given as a prophylactic, stop the progression of symptoms in early phases of the disease, and also help the critically ill recover. He said that ivermectin is essentially a “miracle drug” for the pandemic and urged NIH, CDC, and the FDA, “to urgently review the latest data and then issue guidelines for physicians, nurse-practitioners, and physician assistants to prescribe Ivermectin for Covid-19.” Kory argues that the FLCCC Alliance has put together evidence that “far exceeds” what is needed for a compassionate use authorization from FDA.

FLCCC Alliance Pleads for FDA to Review Literature 

Dr. Kory points out that Remdesivir received an EUA with less evidence and a, “much, much higher cost.” He went on, “Why can’t it happen for ivermectin given this level of evidence? How many more trials have to be done when our manuscript details results from over 20 studies— with over ten of them randomized controlled trials? We are in a pandemic, we are at war, stop pretending this is peacetime where we are conducting business as usual. The NIH must rapidly review the data and make a recommendation.” And the FLCCC has actually been prevented from sharing their information due to Facebook and other social media shutting down their web pages. The Alliance held a press conference is Houston on December 4, yet no major media reported on this plea for our government to act. Dr. Kory says, “All we ask is for the NIH, the CDC, and the FDA to conduct a rapid review of the literature reviewed in this presentation and provide guidance to the country’s health care providers—-If we do nothing, the present trend will continue. History will judge. The American people will cry for answers or will praise the courage of those elected to represent their interest.”


  1. My colleagues in Cali-Colombia-South America had an outbreak of Covid-19 and a group of geriatricians (one of my previous student/resident who is now a geriatrician), PhD in pharmacology/ Internist, and Infectious disease specialist design a protocol to treat 82 confirmed cases of Covid19 at a nursing home [total population 250] mean age 84 and were treated early with ivermectin, nitazoxanide and a low dose of statin and aspirin. None went to the ICU[none on respirator], few were hospitalized [a couple required oxygen] and NONE die. They were isolated from the other residents. A note was published in Revista Semana as ‘Médicos colombianos desarrollaron un esperanzador tratamiento contra el coronavirus’- you can see it into their website- a work was presented at a research meeting and a paper is under way

  2. We recently concluded an RCT on Ivermectin in Nigeria. Our findings suggest that patients on Ivermectin go virus negative on average 3.8 days earlier than Standard therapy with Lopinavir/Ritonavir. What we need to do is a head to head with Remdesivir. That should shut the doubters up.

  3. Who ever lives in the district that Gary Peters represents, have to get this obstructionist hack out of office. He is a disgrace to the senate for various other reasons as well.

  4. Well said Dr. Kory the sooner ignorant people like Senator Peters are swept under the carpet and saneness prevails the fewer people will die It is shameful that this treatment was not introduced many months ago and many more lives would have been saved instead the USA gets Remdesivir which has proven useless and expensive and even WHO does not recommend it

    Praise for those Doctors who have had enough guts to stand up and be counted in such a hostile environment only for the good of us humans

  5. I am a retired pediatrician, but have a graduate degree in molecular genetics. I have read a number of the RCTs cited by the FLCCC and they appear to pass muster. I truely hope the NIH considers relooking at Ivermectin. A complete ignoring of this by main stream medicine is unconscionable. Maybe they have had a little too much on their plate with the election mayhem. For the democratic legislator to openly show contempt for the MDs presenting this data is beyond the pale. Does he even know what RCT and OCT studies are. I agree this is not business as usual, and emergency approval should be granted. 100s of millions of doses of Ivermectin has been used around the world for decades with no significant issues. I have used it in pediatric patients for parasites. This really needs to go on a fast track

  6. The blatant censorship by all national news media should make them liable for all future deaths due to untreated covid. When hydroxichloriquin was in every news cast ivermectin was already known to be far better yet not a word has escaped on mainstream media. I continue to flood all media with requests to mention anything related to ivermectin, sadly with no results.

  7. Very sad that a group of heroic doctors who are saving lives with cheap, readily available drugs are being criticized for saving lives! And of course, the media, supported by drug company advertising money, will not report this news. They’d rather just let people die!!! Congress and the news medias are scared out of their minds by what “big pharma” would do if the public actually heard about cheap effective treatments for covid!! Why are they all so afraid??? They can still push their experimental, yet unproven-to-be-effective vaccines onto the world! But some of us, not bought and paid for by big pharma like our politicians and the CDC, actually want to hear the truth!!!