Upstate Carolina Clinical Research as a Care Option Expanding

Upstate Carolina Clinical Research as a Care Option Expanding

Upstate South Carolina regional health providers are expanding clinical research as care options as three regional institutions received $14.4 million for a joint program to conduct clinical trials into cancer treatments. Secured from the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research program (NCORP), local upland Carolina residents can now participate in advanced clinical trials in their own communities.

A Desire to be Near Home

Dr. James D. Bearden, III, principal investigator for the program, reports “At home, patients have the spiritual, family and community support of their hometown.” TrialSite News has observed a rapidly growing trend of funding for localized clinical research as a care option throughout the United States. We are seeing big academic medical center clinical research programs make their way into small towns and rural communities.

Upstate Clinical Trials’ Collaboration

Upstate South Carolina is a region in the westernmost part of South Carolina. This new program will offer patients access to the most advanced, latest cancer research. Importantly, Dr. Robert Siegel, investigator for St. Francis noted “This funding acknowledges the power of collaboration between AnMed, Spartanburg Regional and our program in optimizing cancer therapy for Upstate community and beyond. Dr. Siegel further noted, “Together we can provide more efficient and innovative approaches to malignancy than can be provided by any of us individually.”

The Power of the Group

The sum is greater the parts as the combined Upland South Carolina collaborative has 48 community investigators, including medical, radiation and surgical oncologists who will work together to assess as well as treatments, detection and prevention trials. Key goals include outreach to minority and underserved cancer patients to reduce disparities in health care.

Available to North Carolina & Georgia

The clinical trials will be available to residents not only in Upstate South Carolina but also in North Carolina and Georgia. This region has significant traffic across state lines and this clinical research as a care effort has factored that real world dynamic into the participation.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. James D. Bearden, III, principal investigator

Call to Action: Do you or a loved one have a diagnosis of cancer and live in the Upland South Carolina or vicinity? Consider contacting one of the institutions mentioned herein. A sponsor interested in partnering with this group should consider contacting the individual hospital’s clinical research department.