University of Wisconsin Awarded $11.8m to Serve as NCI’s National Coordinating Center

Charlotte NC Provider CEENTA Seeks Clinical Research Coordinator for Clinical Trials

The University of Wisconsin (UW) has been selected as the national coordinating center for the National Cancer Institute Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network. Led by KyungMann Kim, professor of biostatistics and medical informatics, the team will focus on early phase drug development for cancer prevention.

UW at the Forefront of a National Cancer Network

Professor Kim will receive $11.8 million from the NCI and the National Institute of Health to fund and organize the CP-CT Net Data Management, Auditing and Coordinating Center for the next five years, placing UW at the forefront of a research network consisting of three leading medical research centers nationwide reports the UW Badger Herald.  Professor Kim will be supported by Michael Newton, Chair of the Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics. Professor Newton and team will support Kim in the coordination of quantitative data that the research provides.

The Chemopreventive Trials

These studies will involve the study of mass amounts of participants generating large quantities of data.  The UW team will apply advanced software and analytics to make sense of the data. Professor Newton reports that “No single center is big enough to achieve this, therefore we will work with a huge network of chemopreventive trials. Our role is not interacting with subjects differently, but collecting, organizing and managing data.”

Principal Investigator Kim

Kim has spent a long career studying data science and hence why he was selected as the lead for this critically important national initiative. Kim and the UW team will coordinate with cancer centers including Northwestern University of Chicago, the University of Arizona and the University of Texas.

Badger Pride

UW Badgers have a lengthy history on the subject of data and clinical research. In fact the McArdle Memorial Lab was established way back in 1940—it was the first cancer research center founded by a university. And the NCI has been funding the program since 1952 and helped to establish what is now called the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

UW Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) is the only comprehensive cancer research center in the State of Wisconsin and represents a network of oncologists across the state. The UW CCC seeks more than 30,000 patients annually.

Lead Research/Investigator

KyungMann Kim, professor of biostatistics and medical informatics

Call to Action: A big opportunity for UW. We will watch them carefully as we know they are actively reinvigorating and transforming their clinical research groups—exciting times in Badger Country! This effort will lead to more cancer treatments over time. You can sign up for our Daily Digest for updates.