University of the Highlands & Islands & Chinese Liver Cancer Therapy Passes Clinical Trials

Greg Russell of Scotland’s The National reports that the University of the Highlands and Islands UHI)  investigator, Jun Wei has developed a kit to screen blood bank stock for samples consisting of high levels of cancer-fighting antibody.

UHI has been working on strategies involving the development of utilizing plasma that contains high levels of antibody; this can be infused into patients to actually kill liver cancer cells reports Russell. Apparently clinical research in China evidenced at least one year greater survival utilizing this method—representing an increase in life expectancy.

UHI has inked a licensing deal with Chinese biotech Qingdao Hailanshen Biotechnology which has sponsored the research in China over the past three years. A dynamic and pragmatic collaboration between Scottish brains and relentless Chinese scientific entrepreneurial acumen, the rest of the world may benefit.

Recently, investigator Wei and UHI received 9 million Pounds from the UK Government associated with the Inverness and Highlands city-region deal establishing a social care and life science hub. Wei believes there is strong potential for immunotherapy and cancer treatment with anticancer antibodies from an individuals’ own blood.

Lead Research/Investigator

Jun Wei, Professor