University of Buffalo’s Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences Inks Deal with TrialScout to Advance Research as Care Option

University of Buffalo’s Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences Inks Deal with TrialScout to Advance Research as Care Option TrialsiteN

The clinical research as a care option movement continues forward via a partnership in the Buffalo, New York region with the University of Buffalo Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences (CIGBS) and clinical trials services provider Circuit Clinical coming together to offer Western New York patients access to COVID-19 clinical research opportunities. The two have come together to help patients find medical advances while in parallel helping investigators and their study staff find clinical trial participants. The initiative should make it easier for patients in this region to more easily gain access to CIGBS clinical studies pursuing possible COVID-19 diagnostics, prevention, and treatment.

TrialSite takes a keen interest in clinical research as a care option movement. That is the effort ongoing to more seamlessly integrate clinical trials into the clinic’s healthcare menu of relevant options.

CIGBS Background

CIGBS is an international hub for innovation that works to overcome and transcend the silos of traditional scientific discipline categories and boundaries. They cross scientific disciplines in a non-traditional approach to build research infrastructure capacity to address regional and global challenges. By using education, training and research as well as international partners CIGBS they promote novel discovery and development, leveraging technology in a bid to foster translation—that is accelerating research from the lab to the patient. CIGBS takes an international focus with projects from New York City to Jamaica to Zimbabwe.

What benefits does CIGBS strive to achieve from this partnership with local vendor Circuit Clinical?

Gene Morse, PharmD, CIGBS director and SUNY Distinguished Professor in the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences shared that the partnership should help “…improve prevention strategies and increase access opportunities for patients across the eight Western New York counties. This collaboration is a positive step towards advancing access to COVID-19 treatments locally.” By accessing the TrialScout tool developed by Circuit Clinical, the partnership will offer residents in New York access to a number of studies that may help treat COVID-19.

Professor Morse co-leads the Western New York COVID-19 Research Collaborative and supports studies in both Zimbabwe and the University of West Indies—both affiliated with UB’s Global Virus Network Center of Excellence. Now the goal would be for this partnership to add “…a new dimension to the clinical research capacity for COVID-19 studies at global partner locations” suggested Morse.

Circuit Clinical’s TrialScout

Developed by Circuit Clinical and profiled by TrialSite in 2019, the TrialScout product was developed as part of the startup Circuit Clinical’s offering in 2015.  Founder Irfan Khan was the director of the electrophysical lab at Mercy Hospital. With an understanding that clinical trials often failed due to a lack of patient engagement, he sought to develop a more efficient and effective way to bring together patients and trials.   

He was able to raise a few million dollars to get going and, five years later, positioned this nascent venture as one of the more prominent players in a class of company known as an Integrated Research Organization (IRO).  

Call to Action: Check out the TrialScout online tool. See founder Irfan Khan profiled by TrialSite News Podcast series