University Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba Spearheads Global Study of the COVID-19 Impact on Children

University Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba Spearheads Global Study of the COVID-19 Impact on Children

The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM) is co-leading a new global study to investigate how much risk children face with COVID-19. The study’s sponsors hope to improve how children with COVID-19 are diagnosed and cared for. The study is led by Dr. Stephen Freedman, a Calgary-based pediatric emergency doctor and clinical investigator. CHRIM serves as sponsor while the lead site is the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

The Funder

The study will be funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

The Study

The study investigators will collect data from around 12,500 pediatric patients with respiratory concerns. This data will come from the emergency departments with respiratory illness at 50 sites in 14 countries. The research team is on the look out for symptoms and their potential exposure to SARS-CoV-2; they will review and follow their medical experiences, including the children’s’ health records. These records will originate from 50 various emergency rooms from 19 countries, according to a report from Dr. Terry Klassen president and CEO of CHRIM to the Global News Morning Winnipeg.

Data from the study will be shared with researchers, clinicians and health agencies in real time through some communications and  communications system. The lead site for this study is the Alberta Children’s Hospital. CHRIM (not a patient site for the study) reports the study has commenced and that data collection is already underway.

An International Research Group

Dr. Klassen reports an international group has been formed to support this study. He noted, “The power of this international group…is that we can actually communicate with someone in Italy, a pediatric emergency doc, and she can tell us how its going there, or someone from Spain” for example.

About The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba

Known for its acronym CHRIM, it is the research division of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba in Canada. At the institute, more than 270 world-class pediatric medical researchers, technical staff, students and support staff are involved in nearly $20 million of research and clinical trial activity each year. CHRIM is purported to be the first research center dedicated exclusively to pediatric research in the prairie provinces.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Stephen Freedman, MD, pediatric emergency physician with Alberta Health Services and clinician scientist in the Cumming School of Medicine’s Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) and O’Brien Institute for Public Health

Dr. Terry Klassen, president and CEO, CHRIM