UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Immunotherapy Clinic Reveals the Future is Now


University of California (UC) San Diego Moores Cancer Center is pioneering the next generation of cancer treatment with a particular focus on patients who have not responded to standard therapy.  Dr. Ezra Cohen, Medical Oncologist at UC San Diego Health was in KUSI News studio to tell more. Select the link below to watch the video.

Miraculous could be the term to describe some of the treatments happening at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center thanks to the breakthroughs of immunotherapy.  This means harnessing a person’s own immune system to fight their own cancer. Dr. Cohen notes the idea has been around a long time, however only in the recent past have we been able to find treatments that properly turn on the immune system to do that.

Dr. Cohen reports to KUSI News San Diego that “they have seen some amazing responses” from ex-President Jimmy Carter to the drummer for Poison, Rikki Rockett, “amazing and curative stories” have occurred.  Cohen notes however that the problem is that these miraculous stories “occur in a minority of patients.” To get to the next level of outcome we must start to understand what patient’s cancers will respond to and how to activate the immune system for a single individual and Dr. Cohen reports this is what we mean by the term “precision immune-therapy.”

Most cancer treatment is still guessing today and unfortunately as Dr. Cohen makes clear it often doesn’t work.

Taking the Guess Work Out

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center “seeks to take the guess work” out of the equation in a methodical and systematic manor by understanding what the immune system and cancer are sending in terms of signals—the future Cohen pushes for is not immune-oncology working in 10-20% of the cases but 50% or more—even 80%. Every person, cancer and immune system are different. Once we harness the biology the clinic can treat anything.

About Moores Cancer Center

An NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, is the only such center in the San Diego region.

They tout a unique blend of cancer research and patient care to transform cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Established in 1978, Moores Cancer Center has a prominent reputation.

Precision Immunotherapy Clinic at Moores Cancer Center

Moores Cancer Center Precision Immunotherapy Clinic is pioneering the next generation of cancer immunotherapies.  It is part of the UC San Diego Experimental Therapeutics Program sponsoring and conducting advanced clinical trials.

Call to Action: If you are based in the San Diego region and a loved on is diagnosed with cancer you may want to connect with Moores Cancer Center and Dr. Ezra Cohen and his team.