UC Irvine Professor Taking SARS-CoV-19 Wearable Detection Product into Preclinical Studies: Human Trials Anticipated End of Year

UC Irvine Professor Taking SARS-CoV-19 Wearable Detection Product into Preclinical Studies Human Trials Anticipated End of Year TrialsiteN

What if there was a way to identify if an individual’s immune response is reacting to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in real time?  Sounds like science fiction material,but based on the notice of a recent $2.125 million funding deal involving a San Diego-based life sciences venture and the U.S. Department of Defense via the Medical Technical Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), this apparently real technology moves into preclinical testing. The DoD-based funds go toward accelerating development and testing of the Diocheck™ SARS-CoV-2 Visual Immune Response Indicator. The investigational product, a transdermal skin patch that actually monitors whether the wearer’s body is reacting to COVID-19, can actually indicate to the wearer, or a medical professional, that the wearer has been either recently exposed to the virus—prompting testing and quarantine actions—or has recovered from the virus and infection may still retain immunity. According to recent reports, this patch can detect immune response within 24 to 36 hours of application and is expected to effectively monitor for up to 14 days. The preclinical research is led by UC Irvine’s R.T. Lakey, PhD.

A Powerful Breakthrough

If this technology actually works, the implications are, frankly, powerful. After all, one of the biggest challenges with COVID-19 today is that people don’t know often if they are infected or not—and for that matter if someone near them is infected as well. But now this Diocheck patch could represent the approach many are looking for: a simple and universal way for people to continually monitor their own immune status over an extended period of time.

After all, until there’s an effective vaccine widely in use large populations can use this technology to monitor themselves and know quickly if they have been exposed to the virus and need to get tested and take precautions to avoid infecting others.

Product Technology

According to the company’s recent press release the key to this product’s ability is the proprietary biopolymer material, Diomat,™ which is made from an already FDA—approved material used in a range of other diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Moreover, in addition, the company is developing an intradermal version of Diocheck that uses nano-sized beads of the same polymer inserted just under the skins to detect and visually report the formation of an immune reaction to a SARS-CoV-2 protein.

The company touts that both versions of this Diocheck technology scale to provide consistent, accurate and ongoing monitoring of the immunity status of essential front-line workers, such as military, healthcare, transportation, and others.

Preclinical Studies

The product is now entering preclinical animal studies under the guidance of Jonathan R.T. Lakey, PhD, MSM, Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. Actual human clinical trials are anticipated to commence toward December 2020.

About Diomics

Diomics Corporation is a biotechnology company focused on science-based innovation and the development of life-improving products. Our proprietary Diomat™ technology platform is optimized for the collection and delivery of compounds and proteins and can also be used for drug delivery, long-term monitoring, diagnostics and production of life-saving hormones and other bio-compounds. Based in San Diego, California, Diomics has developed numerous products, tools and services for the molecular, diagnostic and forensic industries. The company is led by Director and CEO Anthony Zolezzi.  

Lead Research/Investigator

Jonathan R.T. Lakey, MSM, Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine

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