UC Davis IP Spins Out into Venture & Secures $5 Million

Chronic Pain

UC Davis, CA-based venture targeting chronic pain receives a $5 million investment from Open Philanthropy.  The goal is to move research from UC Davis lab to human clinical trials reports Maggie Avants from Patch.

Davis-based EicOsis LLC seeks to block chronic pain in humans and companion animals. It has received $5 million from Open Philanthropy to move original research from the laboratory of Bruce Hammock of UC Davis into clinical trials. Known as EC5026, the drug candidate is a novel pathway to block underlying pain types. The new venture has been set up to commercialize the drug.  Clinical trials are expected this summer. EicOsis LLC describes the compound as a “novel, non-opioid and oral therapy for neuropathic and inflammatory pain.” Ms. Avants notes it is an inhibitor to soluble epoxide hydrolase (she) enxyme—apparently a regulatory enzyme involved in fatty acids metabolism.   Ms. Avants notes that UC Davis licensed certain patents that support the technology transfer to EicOsis.