Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Robert Malone: It’s a ‘Scandal’ that Tech is Censoring ‘Voices Such as Yours’

Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Robert Malone: It’s a ‘Scandal’ that Tech is Censoring ‘Voices Such as Yours’

TrialSite advisory committee member Dr. Robert Malone recently visited the Tucker Carlson show to discuss the emerging safety challenges with the current crop of COVID-19 vaccines. Carlson mentioned that Malone recently addressed vaccine safety issues along with Steve Kirsch and Bret Weinstein on a podcast that was immediately censored by YouTube. This video can be seen here on TrialSite. They did so even though Dr. Malone could be the single most qualified person on the topic, reports Carlson, as he helped develop the mRNA science behind the COVID-19 vaccines. Carlson declared, “We think he has a right to speak.” What Carlson heard led him to conclude this as “shocking” and the fact that the social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) are censoring this key opinion leader is “scandalous.”

What are the risks of the vaccines, asked Tucker Carlson, TrialSite’s been a place for breaking news on this matter. Such as discussing disclosed FOIA documentation associated with Pfizer’s mRNA-based vaccine or the now-viral CDC VAERS safety assessment done by TrialSite contributor Steve Kirsch

Just the other day, two medical school professors, including TrialSite contributor from Yale University Harvey Risch, as well as UCLA’s Joseph A. Ladapo, shared what TrialSite’s been showcasing for weeks, that growing risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccines are brutally censored in not only the major media, but also systematically via algorithms in the dominant social media tech companies of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Published in the Wall Street Journal, the authors report based on an analysis of the CDC VAERS database that a number of serious safety issues are associated with the COVID-19 vaccines from low platelets and deep vein thrombosis to even death, actually many deaths. The risks of the vaccine may even outweigh the benefits to certain demographic segments, suggests the researchers. 

Dr. Malone’s Interview

Correctly identified as an inventor of mRNA-based technology associated with the current COVID-19 vaccine candidates, Carlson emphasized Malone’s stature and expertise to speak on this matter. When asked by Carlson about concerns for those people who aren’t at great risk, such as children or college students (many of which are being forced to vaccinate or get kicked out of school), Malone suggested that first and foremost a major problem right now is the lack of government transparency. Suggesting a suppression of material data, Dr. Malone first established his position on bioethics: that given these vaccines are still considered experimental that people have a right to transparency for a more accurate assessment of the risks.

But Malone emphasized to the Fox News host that at present, we just don’t have access to the necessary data and that because this data hasn’t been captured and evaluated in a rigorous way, there isn’t enough information to make an informed decision.

Dr. Malone continued that probably the risks of the current crop of vaccines authorized for emergency use don’t justify the mandatory vaccination of children certainly, and probably not for college-aged young adults either.

Lack of Risk Assessment

Importantly, Malone educated Carlson’s audience that there is a lack of comprehensive sets of data for a proper risk-benefit analysis. For example, at this point, typically the CDC ACIP would have performed these data and science-based risks. But they haven’t and Malone equates the current situation to health authorities making decisions based on “seat of the pants” methods. Malone declared that in all reality, there just isn’t sufficient data on vaccine safety to make any conclusive claims.

Why is this Happening?

Malone suggests that at least from various sources, including some colleagues in the FDA, he believes that the CDC is completely overwhelmed by the pandemic and sheer volume of safety reports coming in from the mass vaccination program spearheaded by current POTUS and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) led by Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

The mRNA inventor continued that by the CDC’s own admission that their recent MMWR report on safety and pregnancy based on limitation of their proprietary “V-Safe” database the data is “so poor that they cannot draw any definitive conclusions about whether or not these vaccines are safe in pregnancy.”

What are the Implications?

Because the U.S. CDC and others lack sufficient comprehensive data analyses as to COVID-19 vaccine safety, experts here must rely on other authorities for data inputs, from countries in Scandinavia to Israel. Malone mentioned that although Israel inoculated a large percentage of their population, they didn’t pick up on the cardio-toxicity risk factors now present in America.


Carlson shared that what he heard from Dr. Malone was “shocking,” continuing that “in an environment such as this, voices such as yours are essential and the thought that you are being censored by the tech platforms is a scandal.”

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Dr. Robert Malone

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