Trump Fetal Tissue Research Ban Update

Marie McCullough reports for the Philadelphia Inquirer that although the Trump Administration put a restriction on fetal tissue research, there are some loopholes.

First, the policy doesn’t apply to those doing privately-funded fetal tissue research.  Moreover, the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS), stated at least for the time being, this recent change will not impact universities that are utilizing government funding for fetal tissue research. In addition, it doesn’t change the fact that fetal tissue-based research had produced considerable advances and outcomes—especially vaccines—that save lives and help us progress science and knowledge.

Many are concerned. For example, a recent Forbes article warned the Trump ban could represent the “death knew for research” in the United States.  At one point, the Republican Party represented the part of little government and the Democratic Party the part of Big government.  How times have changed.  Under the Trump rules university scientists who want NIH funding for certain studies now much have each proposal examined by an ethics advisory board. The new rules are not applied to about 200 existing studies, but they are applied to researchers who apply for a renewal. Undoubtedly, the ethics board will scrutinize research and infuse, ultimately, Big Brother politics right into an incredibly important societal project called research.

Ms. McCullough provides the reader some great examples so follow the link below to the source at the Philadelphia Inquirer.