TrialWatch: Hanmi & Sanofi Collaborative Effort Leads to Positive Hypertension Treatment Results


Korean Biomedical Review’s Lee Han-Soo reports that a joint Hanmi Pharmaceutical and Sanofi collaborative effort has led to a successful Phase 4 clinical trial of Rovelito, an anti-hypertension and dyslipidemia treatment. Han-Soo notes Rovelito is the only compound therapy in Korea combining Irbesartan, a hypertension treatment, and Atorvastatin, a dyslipidemic therapy. This treatment is the result of an end-to-end collaboration between Sanofi and Hanmi. It was reported that the Phase 4 trial was led by Seoul National University where 931 patients (19+ in age) who were previously treated for anti-hypertension and dyslipidemia received the compound drug. Han-Soo noted, as a result, about 86 percent of patients treated with Rovelito reached target blood pressure and LDL-C levels. The patients, who achieved their target, had a systolic blood pressure of 7.03 mmHg, and diastolic blood pressure was 4.40 mmHg, respectively, while patients who reached the LDL-C target level had an LDL-C reduction of 15.56 mg/dL.

Lead Research/Investigator

Professor Kim Cheol-ho, Department of Cardiology, Seoul National University Hospital