TrialSite News Releases Groundbreaking Documentary About Peru’s Use of Ivermectin for COVID-19

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TrialSite News Releases Groundbreaking Documentary Series “From The Front Lines” Spotlighting the Stories of Doctors, Clinicians, and Patients From Around the World Combating COVID-19, with the First Installation Focused on Peru’s Use of Ivermectin as an economical and widely available Therapeutic In this Fight For Life or Death

August 14, 2020

TrialSite News, the leading clinical-research-trial digital media platform, dedicated to independent and unbiased coverage and analysis of pharmaceutical trial developments from around the world, announces a groundbreaking new documentary series “From The Front Lines” chronicling the stories of doctors, clinicians and patients fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.  TrialSite News is proud to announce the release of the first installation focusing on the use of Ivermectin  to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in Peru.  What are the factors behind Ivermectin, a common anti-parasite drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), becoming a standard treatment for SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19 in Peru? To view the documentary go here

As the pandemic spread fromWuhan, China to the rest of the world, by March 2020 Peru reported its first case of the pandemic.  During this time, researchers at Monash University and Peter Doherty Institute in Australia demonstrated through cell culture experiments that Ivermectin kills SARS-CoV-2 at certain concentrations within 48 hours. As TrialSite has chronicled around the world, from Florida (U.S.), to Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Dominical Republic, Mexico and Brazil to the Andean nations of Peru and Bolivia, the use of Ivermectin spread like a wildfire as a treatment combating  COVID-19. Peru became a particularly interesting story as Ivermectin was ultimately accepted by the national authorities as an off-label treatment acceptable against  COVID-19.

But was this the right thing to do? Although at least three dozen Ivermectin-focused studies were initiated over the past few months, in Peru there weren’t any formal clinical trials generating sufficient evidence to back the claims that the drug was effective against the novel Coronavirus. TrialSite CEO, Publisher and Founder Daniel O’Connor commented, “As TrialSite has led the way  chronicling  various off-label treatments for COVID-19 around the world, including Ivermectin, the Peru story caught our attention. Our research uncovered that the drug was actually accepted by the Peruvian authorities as a common treatment for COVID-19. We were intrigued to better understand why and how this happened.”

TrialSite mobilized a team of professional filmmakers in Peru, whose mission was to expeditiously delve into the Peru Ivermectin story. Why was Ivermectin becoming a common treatment for COVID-19? Why were so many community-based doctors enthusiastic for the drug, while others vehemently remain opposed the use of the antiparasitic regimen as a treatment for COVID-19?

Visit TrialSite News to learn more about this 15-minute documentary.  As the first installation in our groundbreaking original series “From The Front Lines”,  TrialSite production shows us how Ivermectin became popular in Peru as COVID-19 treatment.  What is the basis and justification for its use? Have formal clinical trials been undertaken there? And what have been the “real world” results in Peru during the pandemic?

Watch the video here


  1. This is a great video. Highlights: Ivermectin is standard therapy in Peru but an RCT hasn’t been done so how much it helps isn’t known and an RCT is hard to do because most everyone is already taking it precluding a control group. There is a description of how it works around 6-7 minutes in. At the 11 minute mark is a slightly different idea: Give Ivermectin to everyone in a household if one member is infected to reduce viral load and chance of transmission. It’s cheaper to treat everyone than to test.
    Not explicit in the video but an analogy springs to mind: ivermectin usage for coronavirus is similar to Tamiflu for influenza. You might give it early to an infected person to treat and you might give it to close contacts to prevent.

    TrialSiteNews: thank you very much for this video!! Well rounded and well produced with real experts, thorough and thought provoking. I give it 5 tomatoes, a great use of 15 minutes of anyone’s time.

    1. Thank You Sir. It means a lot. We are planning on doing other investigational documentaries in other countries. Working on those now!
      Thanks for the visit–we appreciate your contribution to TrialSite Dr.Keizer.
      Regards, Publisher

    2. Dr. Keizer we forgot to mention according to Carlos Chaccour, a global expert on Ivermectin, he overall liked the film but had one correct from his point of view. At min 5.50 during the documentary Dr. Eduardo Gotuzzo explains the importin mechanism from his point of view. Dr. Chaccour took exception with that explanation stating COVID-19 doesn’t enter the nucleus to replicate. Rather, according to the Spanish researcher (originally from Venezuela) the pathogen replicates in the cytosol so the well-known researcher challenges this explanation given in the TrialSite documentary by the Peruvian Doctor/researcher. We gladly open up for discussion as the goal of this site is to ensure that there are open, independent and unbiased channels for research news, information and collaboration.

      We are grateful to Dr. Gotuzzo and all the other experts’ who took the time and shared their perspective for the film. They are fighting a pandemic there and understand that research needs to be infused into the real world process. Not the egos like we see in some other places from time to time.
      For background info here is Dr. Chaccour on TrialSite podcast
      And Dr. Chaccour’s bio
      At TrialSite we are looking into this ourselves so we have a better understanding of the mechanism so we cannot answer this line of questioning but we bring to the attention of the TrialSite Network for discussion.
      Thanks again for taking the time to watch the documentary.
      Best Regards,

  2. TrialSite is like a breath of fresh air in the search for a control of COVID-19. It is very interesting to compare your content with that produced by the FDA, the CDC and the political arena. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank You Sir!
      We will certainly keep trying.
      We are glad you are have found the site.
      Best Regards,