TrialSite News Original | Documentary in Peru about Ivermectin and COVID-19

TrialSite News productions introduces a new documentary special about Peru, COVID-19, and the acceptance of Ivermectin as a formally approved treatment for the novel coronavirus. Filmed right in Peru by a Peruvian film crew contracted by TrialSite, the documentary was commissioned to help other parts of the world better understand why Peru and the surrounding region have become an epicenter for a community physician movement that advocated for the off-label use of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients. Many doctors there in the South American nation swear by it. In fact, some of them cursed the government for not embracing it sooner while other doctors are vehemently opposed to the use of the anti-parasitic drug for COVID-19—at least until there is more actual evidence of its efficacy. Watch this original TrialSite production to learn how Ivermectin became popular in Peru as an Ivermectin treatment. What is the basis and justification for its use? Have formal clinical trials been undertaken there? Why are many physicians fervently pro-use while others adamantly opposed? What is going on with self-treatment and why does that represent trouble in Peru? What is the path forward for Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment in Peru? This South American country might just portend the future for other low-to-middle-income countries as they seek pragmatic ways to battle the novel coronavirus.


  1. Parabéns a toda equipe do TrialSite pela reportagem! Chega a ser assustador como a indústria farmacêutica tem poder sobre os veículos de comunicação no mundo, explica-se. Esta mais que provado que a Ivermectina, desde que utilizada nos 5 primeiros dias de manifestação da covid19, mostra altíssima eficácia na cura do doente. Varias são as provas em todo o mundo, mas destaco no Brasil o milagre ocorrido em Natal-RN e em Porto Feliz-SP. Nessas duas cidades (alias sugiro reportagem do trial site em Natal-RN) houve uma drástica queda de casos e de morte consequentes da covid19 após a distribuição de ivermectina para a população, em especial após a publicação de Lei municipal em Natal-RN, instituindo a referida distribuição do medicamento nos postos de saúde do município.

  2. Bravo !!! On your constant pursuit of truth. Thanks for gleaning success stories with Ivermectin from across the world. It’s giving all of us at least a ray of hope in this difficult times.

    1. Unreal! Of course they only want us listening to Global controlled news! TrialSite is having none of this nonsense! The truth is the only thing humanity needs!

  3. Very good documentary. Job well done TrialSite. Please keep a spotlight on Ivermectin. Why are all these studies taking so long to produce results, good or bad. People die from Covid within 14 days, some data should be out there as some of these trials began in May. Dr Rajter’s study has still not been published. What a tragedy.

  4. Great job, TSN! Thank you for your doggedness in the pursuance of better human health, in spite of the obstacles placed in our way in the USA.

    1. Fantastic! Someone is talking about Ivermectin, maybe they can package the doxycycline and zinc in one pill and sell it as new medicine that way they can make money then they will pay attention.