Trial Site Patient Centers

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a significant illness, you might be feeling scared and overwhelmed. Who are the leading specialists worldwide for your condition? What treatments (either approved or emerging) might make a difference? What clinical trials might you participate in to gain access to treatments not yet generally available?

Fortunately, we are here to help.


Connect with others that have the same medical condition – lend your support & advice

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Find the leading medical experts for your condition and follow their work

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Find clinical trials and research that may help you recover from experts around the globe

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What do i get by signing up?

Sign up by creating a free account, then request access to the patient community you want to join. Once the moderator lets you in, you will be able to join the community of your fellow patients and access all resources (clinical trials information, discussion and opinion on treatments from patients and doctors, medical insights and analysis from experts around the globe) all for free.

What information do i need to provide?

The only information you are required to share is a username of your choice, and an email address. The username may be viewed by other community members (but you may remain anonymous if you choose to be). The email will be use for logging you in and providing access, but will not be visible to other users of the platform. Any other information you share by adding it to your profile, writing it in comments or participating in discussion should be considered public information. Do not share personal health information that you do not want to share publicly with the rest of the group.

Is my information private and secure?

TrialSite takes personal information privacy very seriously and will never share your personal information with any other company or third party without your express permission.

Why is the service free?

We believe that patients facing medical issues have enough to deal with and should not be charged fees for information and advice on their condition. Instead we generate revenue through our relationships with trial sites and sponsors of clinical studies by providing value added services to them.

Who is TrialSite?

TrialSite was founded by a team of experts in the clinical trials industry and has become the only unbiased publisher of clinical research from around the globe. We are not funded by the pharmaceutical industry and are free to publish news and information we believe will benefit our readers, patients and the industry at large.

How might I be matched to clinical trials that might help me?

Within each patients center, you will find information about upcoming and actively recruiting clinical trials that might present an opportunity for your participation. Assuming you meet the eligibility factors for a particular study, you may be invited by the study researchers to participate and should reach out to them expressing your interest if that is your goal.

I don’t see the community I am looking for. Can I create one?

We will be adding new communities as we perceive interest in them from our patients. If you feel we should add a community that you might benefit from, let us know here.