Trial Site Organization Meridian Wins Vaccine Industry Excellence Award: Best Clinical Trial Site

Trial Site Organization Meridian Wins Vaccine Industry Excellence Award: Best Clinical Trial Site

TrialSite’s “Site Watch Leading” reports that Meridian Clinical Research won the 2020 Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) award for “Best Clinical Trial Site.” Meridian, the largest member of Platinum Research Network, reported that that network also won the award for “Best Clinical Trial Network.” The winners were announced at the virtual World Vaccine Congress. TrialSite shares a brief profile of Meridian clinical research.

The Process

These awards were decided by two rounds of voting and a final judgment by a scientific advisory board. Judges reviewed performance metrics, diversity of capabilities for vaccine trials, ongoing outcomes, and other factors to select a winner.

Comments from Founder

Nicole Osborn, Meridian’s founder and CEO, shared in their recent press release associated with the award, “It reaffirms the quality of our work our investigators and staff put forward every day, and the trust we’ve established with leading vaccine developers.” The founder emphasized when the COVID-19 pandemic response occurred, her team was ready with the right capabilities and reach required by vaccine developers and their CROs.


Earlier in the year, Meridian principal investigators were the first in the US to enroll patients into Phase 2 and 3 COVID-19 vaccine studies. Meridian reports that even Operation Warp Speed’s leaders, such as Moncef Slaoui and chief advisor General Gustave F. Perna, visited Meridian’s internal medicine site in Savannah, GA. 

Meridian shares that the trial site operation has long been a leader in vaccine research and is now contributing to the war against COVID-19 conducting SARS-CoV-2 focused vaccine-based clinical trials at nine of its 23 sites.

About Meridian

As highlighted previously by TrialSiteMeridian Clinical Research aligned with several of the top dozen tier-one biopharmaceutical companies and most of the largest contract research organizations (CROs). Meridian partners with biopharma companies to research drugs, devices, and diagnostics that could improve human health and well-being. Founded in 1999, Meridian maintains a dedicated research center in Omaha, NE. There, they specialize in conducting Phase I-VI studies at investigative sites across North America. Meridian supports research in a wide range of therapeutic areas and specializes in high-volume vaccine trials.

Meridian employs approximately 75 to 100 with its main headquarters in Nebraska. Revenues are estimated to be $15 million to $20 million.

They maintain a network of research sites in Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, South Dakota, Virginia, and some presence in Mexico. Meridian reports that it has enrolled over 24,000 patients and conducted 1,500 studies.

Meridian is part of the “Platinum Research Network.” A network of research sites, it was formed in 2014 as a solution for research companies. The network consists of highly-experienced clinical research companies that share a common goal of delivering high-quality data and predictable enrollment for clinical trials. They include locations in over a dozen states. Participants in the Platinum Research Network includes:

  • Medpharmics
  • Meridian Clinical Research
  • Regional Clinical Research
  • Sterling Research
  • Sundance Clinical Research
  • Tekton Research
  • Ventavia Research Group
  • Regional Clinical Research, Inc.

Now part of Meridian Clinical Research, Regional Clinical Research was formed in 1992. It began as a part-time clinical research coordination outfit and grew into a small business, which employs 25 and maintains offices through the Southern Tier of NY. By 2002, they joined forces with United Health Services Hospitals to conduct their out-patient research.

Call to Action: Pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs interested in engaging with Meridian can reach out to the organization’s VP of Business Development, Andrew Kimball, at [email protected]