Top Bulgarian Cardiologist & Principal Investigator on Record: Ivermectin Inhibits COVID-19

Top Bulgarian Cardiologist & Principal Investigator on Record: Ivermectin Inhibits COVID-19

A prominent Bulgarian physician and professor of cardiology at the University of Sofia recently told a Bulgarian news agency called Novinite that firstly, vaccines developed in response to COVID-19 will save, in the aggregate, billions of people over time. Interestingly and importantly, the well-respected Eastern European researcher and physician went on the record that Remdesivir and Ivermectin were drugs that could help treat COVID-19 if applied at the right time. Declaring that based on about 20 studies, the efficacy is “definitely proven,” he declared that he eagerly awaits the data from a Bulgarian study hopefully within the coming days. Educating the reader that the drug stops SARS-CoV-2 from entering cells into the body, he communicated that the drug essentially blocks importin alpha best, an enzyme used in the cells to inject the virus into themselves.  Hence, the Sofia medical profession was on the record that Ivermectin actually serves to block the importin alpha beta-enzyme hence stopping the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen from penetrating human cells as well as any multiplication.  He also commented that Ivermectin “circulates for some time in the blood, thus playing the role of a live vaccine.” Indicating that the antiparasitic therapy may be in use off-label on a compassionate basis in Bulgaria, he acknowledged that “there still is no exact protocol.”

A compelling admission by a well-respected Sofia-based academic and hands on cardiologists, his statements are contrary to most leading national research establishments that refuse to acknowledge the mounting evidence of this available, economical generic drug.

Lead Research/Investigator

Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, Professor of cardiology at the University of Sofia. One of the pioneers of endovascular therapy in Bulgaria (president of the Bulgarian society of endovascular therapy), he introduced to Bulgaria interventional treatment of carotid stenosis, ischemic stroke, aortic dissension, aortic aneurysm, coronary rotablation, percutaneous recanalization of Leriche syndrome as well as renal denervation.  A prominent principal investigator, he has served as a leading investigator in numerous clinical scientific projects.


  1. Certainly it should be considered as one of the most important strategies to deal with the pandemia. Of course, everything must be examined by the scientific method. It will be marvelous if this cheap drug works.

  2. This is good because in November the Bulgarian health ministry said ivermectin was not registered there and their choice was remdesivir.

  3. I’m a little confused here. I have heard that Ivermectin is an ionophore, which allows things like ionic zinc to enter a cell by softening the cell’s natural resistance to infiltration. Ionic zinc is at the atomic level of course. Now I read here that Ivermectin is working at the large molecular level by blocking this alpha beta enzyme. How can it be both? Do cells have one method for bringing in atoms and another method for bringing in large molecules like viruses? I’m not a biologist, just an avid reader trying to learn everything I can find about this virus and how to defeat it.

  4. Just like our Professor Thomas Boroby of Sydney NSW Australia he will be ignored by those who are only interested in the mighty $