Tokyo Metropolitan Government Plans Ivermectin Clinical Trials at City Hospitals

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced plans to conduct clinical trials investigating the use of Ivermectin at metropolitan and public hospitals to evaluate the anti-parasitic drug’s efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. The studies will focus on patients with mild to serious symptoms and, interestingly, according to Nikkei Asia, they will not embark on finalizing the details of the study (e.g. duration, size, etc.) until “after the infection situation settles down.” This is interesting as cases spiked in November through early January and now appear to be on the decline. The spike in cases spooked health authorities. Clearly, if these accounts are correct the Metropolitan government responsible for the health and safety of nearly 40 million is thinking about alternative approaches to help take on this disease over the long run. TrialSite reported in mid 2020 that Tokyo’s Kitasato University would launch an ivermectin-based clinical trial. The man that discovered Ivermectin, Professor Satoshi Omura, taught there.

Nikkei Asia reports that the Metropolitan government seeks to use some of its beds at metropolitan and public hospitals. They plan on administering ivermectin to patients with mild symptoms in a placebo-controlled trial.  The recent news out of Japan recognizes the cell culture experiments revealing that the drug originally from Japan inhibits the coronavirus.

COVID-19 in Japan

For its population size, Japan hasn’t been hit nearly as hard as the West or India and South America, for example. The country has 383,093 reported COVID-19 cases as of this writing. Total deaths reported to date tally 5,546.  The pandemic became more serious there, however, in the cold season starting in November where the total average number of cases have gone up six fold by Jan 10, 2021. Since then, the average number of cases per week is on the decline (as is in many other places). But the recent spike spooked health authorities.

Studies at Kitasato University

Back in May, TrialSite reported that Kitasato University was in discussion with Merck to plan an ivermectin clinical trial targeting COVID-19. After all, it was a Kitasato University Professor named Satoshi Omura that earned the Nobel Prize in 2015 for coming up with the original findings that led to the drug.

According to the recent Nikkei Asia piece, the university actually commenced the trial last September. The hospital there is administering the drug to 240 patients by the end of March in a test to investigate whether the drug can condense the duration of infection.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Health

With nearly 40 million people, Tokyo is the largest city in the world. As shared in Wiki entry, this body is the government of the Tokyo Metropolis, one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. The government consists of a popularly elected governor and assembly. This governing body administers special wards, cities, towns and villages that constitute part of the Tokyo Metropolis. It’s Health and Welfare website can be found here

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