The Watchlist Series | Virtual Trials Offer a Lifeline Amidst COVID-19

TrialSite News Watchlist
TrialSite News concerning virtual clinical trials. Also called remote or decentralized studies, COVID-19 has accelerated the move to leverage technology breakthroughs to run studies differently than before.
The pharmaceutical industry has been quick to embrace virtual, or decentralized, clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic, looking to technology to keep the business of running clinical trials as close to schedule as possible. Now this is not a new concept. In fact the systems, and processes have been headed toward some form of decentralized trial for some year now. With the advent of cloud computing, pervasive web collaboration and communications technologies, smart phones and more recently FDA validated smart phone apps, a revolution in how clinical trials are conducted was imminent anyway. COVID-19 was the match that lit the gasoline that triggered the virtual trial eruption…