The Watchlist Series: Covid-19, And The Ivermectin Situation | S1 E10

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TrialSite News’ interview with Tarek Alam, head of medicine department at Bangladesh Medical College, has led to considerable interest in regional hospital protocol-approved, off-label use of Ivermectin and the antibiotic #Doxycycline in patients diagnosed with mild cases of COVID-19. Thus far, Dr. Alam reaffirmed to TrialSite News their “outstanding results.” A number of developing economy-based nations are embracing ivermectin as a low-cost approach to fighting at least mild cases of COVID-19—despite the lack of data from randomized controlled trials. He has acknowledged in the TrialSite News interview that randomized controlled trials are needed and that at least in Bangladesh that comes next. But he is reasonably certain ivermectin is a path forward as one treatment for COVID-19.