The UK’s Dr. Tess Lawrie Discusses her Ivermectin Meta-Analysis

FLCCC to Merck: Data Shows Ivermectin’s Strong Efficacy Against COVID-19

Recently, Dr. Tess Lawrie presented the results from her COVID-19 ivermectin meta-analysis on the “HIBBERD HEALTH” YouTube channel by Dr. Jennifer Hibberd. Now based in the United Kingdom, Dr. Lawrie earned both a medical degree and doctorate and grew up in South Africa. She founded the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy, Ltd., a specialist firm focused on contributing to evidence synthesis and guidelines, among other activities. Dr. Lawrie was compelled to conduct her ivermectin meta-analysis after watching the U.S. Senate testimony of Dr. Pierre Kory with the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) in December. As she has spent her career working tirelessly to support nonprofit-based research on behalf of patient access, the event profoundly impacted her as she witnessed essentially a doctor betting politicians for a drug that she was now aware could help his patients. As the Ivermectin effort during the pandemic reminded her of work in South Africa, where there were known drugs that could help large numbers of people yet they couldn’t access such drugs, she sprung into action during the Holiday Season, reviewing the work of the FLCCC and others and putting together what has become a compelling work. Dr. Lawrie states the data is clear that Ivermectin markedly reduces the COVID-19 death rate. Hence, any debate about clinical trials at this point should be secondary to figuring out how to accelerate emergency use as a complement to vaccines and other protective measures against the coronavirus.

The conclusion of the analysis was that there was evidence of  a strong effect of ivermectin. Follow the link to learn about Dr. Tess Lawrie’s review of the ivermectin meta-analysis, offering an evidence synthesis. Her non-peer-reviewed report can be reviewed here

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Tess Lawrie, MBBCH, PhD