The Landing: Awaiting FDA Approval to be the First MDMA Treatment Clinic in America for Treatment & Clinical Trials

The Landing Awaiting FDA Approval to be the First MDMA Treatment Clinic in America for Treatment & Clinical Trials TrialsiteN

MDMA is now recognized as a serious prospective cure for emotional trauma and a new clinic in Pennsylvania may become the first legally-sanctioned dedicated facility for using the psychoactive drug on treatment-resistant PTSD in the United States. Called the Landing, based in Wyndmoor, Montgomery County, it hopes to secure FDA approval in the months head enabling it to offer MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for patients with treatment-resistant PTSD.

The Landing

Planning to open in Wyndmoor, Montgomery County, was founded by Dr. Samy Badawy. If it secures FDA approval, The Landing will be the first dedicated MDMA-assisted treatment center for treatment-resistant PTSD reports the Good News Network.

The Problem

Suicide rates are on the rise by 33% since 1999 and with more than 800,000 veterans on disability due to PTSD the estimated taxpayer cost is $17 billion per annum. It is time to try something new.


Illegal since 1985 due to its popularity as a party drug, the FDA officially granted the substance a “breakthrough therapy” designation in 2017 after several studies provided surprising successful results in treating PTSD.

Good News Network reports that the FDA designation was authorized when the nonprofit Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) published the results of six phase II clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

The Studies

107 participants with chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD were enrolled to receive the therapy. After two months, 56% of the patients no longer evidenced PTSD symptoms. By 12 month follow-up, 68% had no PTSD.

MAPS Current Study

MAPS is now sponsoring a phase III clinical trial for psychoactive treatment at more than a dozen clinics in Canada, Israel and the United States. With breakthrough designation by the FDA, they believe they could secure approval as early as 2021.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Samy Badawy 

Call to Action: Do you have a loved one with treatment-resistant PTSD?  Pay attention and monitor the Landing as well as MDMA-based clinical research. Interested in conducting MDMA-based clinical research contact Dr. Badaway or utilize the matching services of the TrialSite Network.