The Guardian Research Network: Accelerating Cancer Cures by Bringing Them to Underserved Communities Hires VP Network Partners

The Guardian Research Network Accelerating Cancer Cures by Bringing Them to Underserved Communities Hires VP Network Partners

Guardian Research Network, Inc., a consortium of hospitals dedicated to the acceleration of cures for cancer, brings together clinical trials to underserved communities. The organization offers a turkey system including HIPAA-complaint data warehouse and analytics tools in a bid to accelerate patient enrollment while optimizing study design while contributing to the expansion of real-world analytics in oncology care. Now this Spartanburg-based South Carolina nonprofit organization has hired  Shirley Trainor-Thomas, Vice President, Network Partners. Ms. Trainor-Thomas, herself a cancer survivor, plans on advancing the nonprofit’s vision to expand and support its network of cancer care hospitals.

TrialSite provides a breakdown of this interesting organization.

What is the Guardian Research Network (GRN)  background?

 A nationwide hospital consortium, Guardian Research is focused on accelerating cures for cancer by bringing clinical trials to under-served local communities. Through our secure HIPAA-compliant data warehouse and analytics tools, GRN speeds patient enrollment, optimizes study design, and expands the understanding of real-world trends in oncology care. Guardian’s experienced clinical team provides hospital networks and biopharma clients with artificial intelligence to derive cancer insights from millions of records. Our proprietary platform allows GRN to optimize clinical and diagnostic studies, customized synthetic controls and novel trial enrollment.

What is GRN’s Vision according to COO?

According to Mark Watson, MD, chief operating officer “We see untapped opportunities to address the needs of patients and hospitals, including fit-for-purpose community-based clinical trials, precision medicine trials and next-generation trials involving real world data. A responsive network of like-minded hospital partners is essential to moving diagnosis and treatment from laboratories to local hospitals and clinical settings where 85% of cancer patients receive treatment today.”

What is Ms. Trainor-Thomas’ new role?

Ms. Trainor-Thomas is on a mission to expand GRN’s network while also offering partner hospitals with sophisticated data analytic tools, and other expert clinical insight for a “no-patient-left-behind.”