The Department of Veteran Affairs in Lawsuit Over Sharing Veterans’ Health Information Without Consent

A lawsuit filed by Attorney John Wells on behalf of Military-Veterans Advocacy and three veterans will stop the VA from sharing the health information of veterans without their consent—that is, if it’s successful.

As reported on, “The lawsuit seeks to challenge a recent policy change and also requests a temporary restraining order to stop the agency from moving forward with the new privacy policy until the lawsuit is decided.”

Undermining Actions

The agency previously followed industry norms requiring written consent from the veteran prior to sharing health information. The new policy automatically opts veterans into sharing their private health information with a Health Information Exchange managed by a third party called Healtheway, Inc, dba The Sequoia Project.

An estimated 2 million veterans received notices by US Mail, on or about September 26, 2019, of the agency’s sudden policy change, effective September 30, 2019, giving veterans only a couple of business days to respond, opt-out, or seek guidance from agency officials about privacy rights.

Many veterans feel that this is yet another example of overreach on the part of the VA in an effort to undermine the Constitutional Rights of veterans.

Call to Action: Assisting Attorney Wells are the veterans’ rights advocates Attorney Brian Lewis of Francis White Law, PLLC and Attorney Benjamin Krause of Krause Law, PLLC. Please direct all press inquiries to Benjamin Krause at (612) 888-9567. Brian Lewis can also be reached with questions about the litigation at (651) 829-1503.