The COVID-19 Vaccine Race: The Super Powers Emerge

The COVID-19 Vaccine Race The Super Powers Emerge

TrialSite News monitors COVID-19 vaccine candidates as the race intensifies for what will hopefully yield multiple successful products by the end of 2020 or early into 2021. From Donald Trump’s recently announced U.S. Government’s Operation Warp Speed, making $1+ billion bets, to efforts by the Chinese government to the United Kingdom, the world has never been so focused on drug development in modern history. TrialSite News lists a breakdown of leading candidates based on the World Health Organization (WHO) list. Who will make the finish line first? The stakes are gargantuan.

Top COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates

CanSino BiologicsChina & now partner with CanadaAd5-nCoVChinese Government; Canadian GovernmentType 5 vector is most far along. The company recently partnered with Canadian company to diversify into mRNA platform as well—are they really ahead? Canada believes so and inked a prominent national deal.
ModernaUSAmRNA-1273US. Government (NIAID)Lonza for manufacturingRaised $483m from US. Gov partner.  Promising interim Phase I data;  Phase 3 expected to start July; some concerns communications strategy & stock price—astronomical valuation.
Wuhan Institute of Biological Products/SinopharmChinaInactivated VaccineChinese GovernmentUnder state-owned SinoPharm; nearly $150m invested—favored regulatory treatment.
Beijing Institute of Biological Produts/SinopharmChinaInactivated VaccineChinese GovernmentUnder state-owned SinoPharma; nearly $150m invested—favored regulatory treatment.
SinovacChina & partner with CanadaInactivated AlumCoronaVacChinese Academy of Medical Sciences /GovernmentRecently raised $15m from Chinese & US VCs
Early stage data shows promise.
University of OxfordUK, USAChAdOx1AstraZeneca; UK Government; U.S. Government (BARDA)Major investments–north of $1b bet by U.S. Gov; UK gov. makes substantial bets.  Some question about pre-clinical dataPhase III study may start early summer; Possible completion by September 2020!  Not following standard processes—sharing data real-time.
BioNTechGermany & USA3 LNP-mRNABNT162Pfizer for Global Dev & CommercializationFosun Pharma (China)Part of Pfizer’s Project Lightspeed. Major investmentsPhase I/II studies underway.
Inovio PharmaceuticsUSA & studies in AsiaINO-4800A DNA plasmid antibody with electroporationRichter-Helm Biologics (manufacturing)Discussing with FDA potential of Phase 3 Target July/Aug. Could be the Dark Horse?