Ten Members of NIH COVID-19 Panel Disclose Pharma Ties: Why Were Two Drugs Pursued While Ivermectin Languished?

Ten Members of NIH COVID-19 Panel Disclose Pharma Ties Why Were Two Drugs Pursued While Ivermectin Languished

As reported in Just the News, a media startup led by veteran reporter John Solomon, ten of the experts on the NIH’s COVID-19 panel have connections to firms that may be involved in fighting the pandemic. On the one hand, such ties could create conflicts of interests. On the other hand, we in fact actually need the expertise of drug firms if we are going to develop and utilize medicines. According to this piece, “Members of the National Institutes of Health's COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel have financial ties to a company behind clinical trials of a drug to treat coronavirus, as well as to another large pharmaceutical company involved with developing a COVID-19 vaccine.” Per the NIH, the members of this panel include US doctors, statisticians, and other experts who develop COVID-19 treatment guidelines, “intended for healthcare providers.” Eight panel members disclosed financial relationships with Gilead. They are: Judith Aberg, MD; Adaora Adimora, MD; Jason Baker, MD; Roger Bedimo, MD; Eric Daar, MD; David V. Glidden, PhD; Susanna Naggie, MD; and Pablo Tebas, MD. And the US had apparently, as of this August 11, 2020 article, bought up the whole supply of Gilead’s remdesivir, ...

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