Tel Aviv University & Alpha Tau Developed Radiotherapy in Clinical Trials

Jan 29, 2019 | Cancer, Oncology, Radiotherapy

As reported in Express, investigators at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK, are part of a study testing radiotherapy on 30 patients with vulva cancer. The new radiotherapy treatment can be used on all solid tumors. In tests, alpha radiation has been shown to be far more lethal to cancer cells than traditional forms of radiation, which breaks one or both strands of DNA.

“Here we have a radiation treatment which is much more powerful than existing radiotherapy treatments,” said Professor Yona Keisari from Tel Aviv University, who is one of its two inventors. The other sponsor is Israel-based Alpha Tau. 85% of patients with cancer die from metastatic spread of the disease to other parts of the body. “If we can damage cancer cells permanently we can hopefully stop the spread and save more lives.” 

Follow the link to learn more about this radiotherapy and Addenbrookes’ participation.

Key inventor

Professor Yona Keisari


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