Sweden Public Health Agency Indefinitely Halts Use of Moderna mRNA-1273 on Young People 30 & Below

Sweden’s Public Health Agency extended a moratorium indefinitely on the use of the Moderna mRNA-1293 vaccine to anyone age 30 and under. While this extension is to end on December 1, the Swedish government is banning the use of this vaccine on younger people due to the heightened risk of heart inflammation. Heart inflammation in younger people is a known adverse effect associated with the Moderna vaccine, with young males facing higher risks. Thus, moving forward in the most populated of the Scandinavian countries, anyone born after 1990 can no longer receive this vaccine. Instead, these people are offered the Pfizer vaccine, which potentially is a move that can only be considered good for Pfizer’s market share.

TrialSite reported that on October 6 Sweden halted the use of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine on people under the age of 30 due to safety concerns. Just a couple of days later TrialSite shared with global audiences that Iceland made the same move, along with the rest of the Scandinavian countries, to either halt or in the case of Norway, discourage the use of the Moderna vaccine in younger people due to the safety risks.

What about the U.S. FDA?

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the use of Moderna mRNA-1273 to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 18 years of age and older on December 18, 2020. By August 25, 2021, Moderna completed its submission for biologics license application (BLA) with the FDA. By October 20, the FDA authorized a booster dose of mRNA-1273 under the emergency use authorization category.

According to a recent headline in UK’s Daily Mail, the Public Health Agency of Sweden pointed to unpublished data signals evidencing the risk although they acknowledged ‘The risk of being affected is very small.’ Nonetheless, state health authorities don’t declare such precautions unless they have serious concerns. Pfizer will undoubtedly seize the opportunity.

Call to Action:  If you have an adolescent ensure you understand the risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccines.