SUNY Buffalo Spinoff Secures $3m Equity Deal to Jointly Develop Vaccines for RSV, Shingles & Alzheimer’s Disease

SUNY Buffalo Spinoff Secures $3m Equity Deal to Jointly Develop Vaccines for RSV, Shingles & Alzheimer’s Disease

SUNY-Buffalo spinoff POP Biotechnologies, Inc. (POP BIO), a preclinical stage biotechnology company developing next-generation drug and vaccines products, reports it entered into an agreement to receive $3 million equity investment from South Korean vaccine maker Eubiologics Co., Ltd. (Eubiologics) in conjunction with the establishment of a joint venture, EUPOP Life Sciences.


The EUPOP Life Sciences (EPLS) venture was formed to leverage POP BIO’s SNAP platform, which enables highly streamlined generation of immunogenic nanoparticle vaccines, with EuBiologics immune enhancing EuIMT technology for the development of a series of vaccine candidates directed from the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), herpes zoster virus (Shingles), and Alzheimer’s disease. The companies believe by coming together and partnering that the combination of novel platform technologies can lead to a vaccine candidate that could save thousands of lives and help millions of patients on an annual basis.

Challenge with RSV

The number one cause of lower respiratory tract illness (LRI) in infants and young children as well as material cause of LRI in elderly and immunocompromised populations, RSF also in the U.S. is the leading cause of hospitalization of infants. Worldwide RSV is second only to malaria as a cause of death in children.

No Vaccines

Presently there are no vaccinations available for RSV and treatment options are slim. POP BIO seeks to collaborate with Eubiologics and the EUPOP to build a vaccine pipeline that leverages the University of Buffalo originated next generation vaccine adjuvant.

POP Biotechnologies, Inc.

A privately-held venture that has been incubated out of SUNY RF seeks to leverage their proprietary porphyrin-phospholipid (PoP) liposome technologies for commercialized drug development endeavors. According to company website, the versatile PoP platform enables the creation of light-targeted drug delivery nanoparticles, currently under investigation for treatment of cutaneous metastatic breast cancer, and the SNAP vaccine platform—used for the creation of highly-immunogenic nanoparticle vaccines.

Made in Buffalo

Buffalo New York has evolved into a thriving, sophisticated, robust life science ecosystem. Leading universities, research institutes, local government along with state assistance as well as a growing ecosystem of research and development startup have done a good job developing a dynamic, collaborative ecosystem for life science research and develop in that region. The PoP technologies is exclusively licensed from the State University of New York Research Foundation (SUNY-RF) and were developed by company founder Dr. Jonathan Lovell at The State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo). POP Biotechnologies is presently a resident of the SUNY Buffalo incubator at Baird Research Park.