StudyKIK Announces Mobile Study App for Patients & Trials—A Vendor to Watch

StudyKIK Announces Mobile Study App for Patients & Trials—A Vendor to Watch

StudyKIK, a clinical trial patient recruitment and technology company that owns hundreds of digital patient communities and provides technology solutions for clinical trials, has announced its Patient Engagement & Retention Mobile Application that is fully-customizable per protocol. StudyKIK’s Patient Engagement & Retention Application provides a user-friendly technology for clinical trial participants that are randomized into clinical trials. The vendor positions that its mobile application has been developed to address the industry problem of retaining those that join a clinical trial but drop out at some point after their participation has begun. This patient centric mobile application is expected to have up to 73% increase in patient study retention and over 200% increase in patient engagement through the application. We suspect the vendor bases its success forecast on previous experience but cannot be certain.

StudyKIK has built this mobile application to seamlessly integrate into StudyKIK’s MyStudyKIK portal that over 9,000 research site users use on a day-to-day basis all while blinded data outputs are instantly viewable through StudyKIK’s Study Management Portal. This technology has been built to strengthen StudyKIK’s quest in being able support clinical trials in a single platform from the earliest moment, when a patient begins to learn about a clinical trial, to their Screening & Consent, and now from Randomization all the way through Study Completion.

Research sites will be able to directly interface with patients as they progress through their trial, allowing them to build trust, address concerns, and raise compliance rates among participants. StudyKIK’s Patient Engagement & Retention application is designed to increase engagement by providing randomized patients with tools, such as a study progress meter, medication reminders, Uber & Lyft transportation integrations, around-the-clock live phone support from StudyKIK’s in-house Patient Support Call Center, study document access, patient payment tracker, e-diary, and any partner integrations needed. Patient support, trial adherence, and study completion rates will increase from patients being regularly engaged and connected to their clinical trial with this new technology. The Patient Retention & Engagement application is developed on both iOS and Android platforms, fully compliant with ESIGN, HIPAA, GDPR, and completely secure with all data being encrypted.

This HIPAA and GDPR compliant Patient Engagement & Retention App further advances StudyKIK’s core mission of ensuring that patients feel as supported as possible when going through the clinical trial process, all while speeding up patient recruitment and study completion. By providing patients with a convenient way to receive reminders, guidance, and answers to their questions while participating, this greatly increases the probability of completing a clinical trial. This application supports StudyKIK’s offering in being the single patient recruitment platform, which integrates patient application technology with Research Sites, CROs, and Sponsors’ technology management platforms.

Who is StudyKIK?

StudyKIK is a patient recruitment and technology platform that was founded on patient communities on all major social media channels to increase awareness for clinical trials. Servicing over 3,600 research sites, StudyKIK owns hundreds of social media patient and caregiver communities across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to connect patients to clinical trials. They have addressed the clinical trial patient recruitment problem by building the technology solutions needed for research sites and pharmaceutical companies to access, manage, and communicate with high-quality patients in real-time.

Business Information

Founded in 2013, the company is based in Costa Mesa, California, near the beautiful Orange County coastline. With between 60 and 70 employees, TrialSite News estimates it spends about $10 million per annum on costs. We are not sure if they have achieved profitability as of yet.

In 2018, Kinderhook, an investment group, made an equity investment in the Southern California venture for an undisclosed amount.


Matt Miller co-founded StudkKiK. Prior to working there, he spent several years in marketing and patient recruitment at WCTT, a full-service early phase contract research organization. There other co-founder, Jerome Chiaro, worked in other fields prior to StudyKIK.

Call to ActionTrialSite News principals have extensive experience with patient recruitment. In fact, one of our principals was involved with an acquisition and earn-out of (what was at the time) the largest patient recruitment company in the United States, and perhaps the world. Many of the same challenges that we experienced nearly two decades ago occur daily today. Social networks have surely opened up powerful new channels. We have experienced this first hand with TrialSite News and various patient networks that visit our site. If there is a great topic of interest, literally thousands can visit the site in a couple of hours. So, we think that Miller and Chiaro are really on to something. Many industry sponsors engage online on a tactical basis—study by study—often using expensive third-party vendors. Moreover, these vendors are not necessarily earning “digital trust’ online. It is a whole new world, and we like the way StudyKIK has focused in the area of patient engagement and recruitment.