Steve Kirsch and Experts Discuss Inpatient Off-Label Treatments: Fluvoxamine & Ivermectin for COVID-19

Steve Kirsch, a successful technology entrepreneur and businessman has become a force for the positive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kirsch has not just advocated for generic, economical repurposed drug strategies to help save more lives, but also went a few steps further than most could ever conceive by investing extensively to launch the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF). Recently CETF sponsored a series of presentations by scientists and researchers in the drug development field exploring the use of existing approved therapies (repurposed drugs) that show the potential for efficacy and safety targeting COVID-19. In this video Kirsch and team, including Dr. David Seftel discuss the mounting data for both ivermectin and fluvoxamine as potential low cost and highly available generic medicines targeting COVID-19. Follow the link for this compelling, informative and some might think provocatively intriguing discussion. Dr. Seftel’s observational study was showcased on CBS’ 60 Minutes.  Also learn about the compelling ivermectin data.


  1. I, too, am vaccinated (at 59 years old). I appreciate the way you lay out your concerns in your article. While I have also researched other views, we do need to be able to discuss things openly and honestly. I do believe that vaccination has helped us curb deaths and suffering but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the risks either. I agree that anyone under 30 should avoid the vaccine. What has been so discouraging is the lack of acknowledgement by the FDA on therapeutics. Here we are over a year later and Remdesevir is all we have? I have researched and invested in Aviptadil for almost a year and the results are very robust. Doctors knew a year ago that Aviptadil works and lessens hospitalization. Even the recent EAP results backed up the Clinical Trials. In many ways it works even better than Ivermectin by protecting the lungs. Your thoughts?

  2. I am very happy with what Steve Krisch is doing. I hope he also invest funds in studying further virgin coconut oil as a prophylaxis and early treatment. This is a very cheap alternative and definitely safe. Already, in the Philippines, initial clinical trials in the Philippine General Hospital has proved it is effective.