Star Student Dies 24 Hours After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine Jab But Correlation Not Proven

Star Student Dies 24 Hours After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine Jab But Correlation Not Proven

Although TrialSite just reported on the temporary halt of COVID-19 vaccinations ordered by the U.S. Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in association with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, unfortunately and tragically a young and incredibly promising student lost his life, apparently just 24 hours after receiving the experimental, but authorized vaccine. John Francis Foley, a National Honor Society pre-med student at University of Cincinnati, evidently received the viral vector-based COVID-19 vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson on April 10, just two days prior to the temporary halt. The student shared on his Facebook page that he felt ill on the evening after his vaccination. Going to sleep in the hopes of feeling better, report accounts, the 21-year old never woke up, according to one source. Tweets from what appears to be the parents indicate that his death could possibly be linked to the vaccination. However, this cannot be declared without substantial medical evidence that in fact there was a link. 

TrialSite notes that this young promising student had the world ahead of him. Making the Dean’s list every semester, he volunteered at several organizations. A number of people have sent TrialSite accounts or reports of illness post the vaccination but nothing that severe. However, the fact that the FDA and CDC have at least temporarily halted the vaccinations is telling that their concern for serious adverse events involving blood clotting is serious.

John Francis Foley was an impressive young man representing the future.  It’s not clear nor proven that the experimental but FDA emergency authorized vaccine was the cause of his death. That finding must be determined by the experts.

Call to ActionTrialSite will monitor this situation and others reported to us of purported reactions to the vaccine. Again, there are millions of vaccinations, and from time to time, a serious health event can occur that appears to be related yet is not to the inoculation. However, with such a young, seemingly healthy man, the timing is of material interest for investigation. Regardless, it’s a tragic loss for the family and our society.


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  1. They always say “correlation not proven.” But a healthy person drops dead the same day or a day later–common sense says, yes the vaccine caused the death. A recent Israeli study proved vaccines are 40 times more deadly than COVID itself. For younger persons (who have an extremely high survivability rate, unless in poor health), vaccines are 240 times more deadly. It is ridiculous to take a chance. The mRNA COVID vaccines were never tested on animals and are NOT FDA-approved. They are EXPERIMENTAL and have only emergency use authorization. (In 2012 animal trials for the mRNA coronavirus vaccine resulted in the animals getting sicker and THEY ALL DIED after being infected with a wild coronavirus. A small study with children resulted in several children dying.) Do not be a Guinea pig.

    1. A friend I went to high school with called me a couple weeks ago to tell me her cousin just called her. She said another cousin from So. Dakota just died immediately after getting the Pfizer COVID vaccine. (She was 72 and healthy, with no health issues.) Her husband was distraught since he refused to get a vaccine, but drove his wife to get the shot she wanted.

  2. This is tragic indeed. My humble opinion as a lay person and ordinary peasant:

    One of the problems we are faced with globally as a species, is that there has been a dramatic shift in the race for capitalist super profits under the guise of what I can only characterise as proprietised patented profit-centred scientific solutions.

    In this race the only casualties are People, the Environment and Science, masquerading behind a mask of vested interest and sloppy research.

    Pushing the boundaries of morality and ethics in science has always been fraught with danger when humans are subjected to trials where short term and immediate hastily conducted roll-outs may obscure devastating long-term unintended consequences.

    Nowhere is this tendency demonstrated more than in the global haste of vested pharmaceutical company interests working to suppress information on one of the safest known drugs known to humanity in its use against the SAR-Cov2 virus, its variants, strains and mutations{ The drug in question? IVERMECTIN.

    YES! The refrain of “INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE” is noted, but for Humanity’s sake, why, at the very first sign over a year ago of promise was NO effort made by organisations such as the WHO to pursue the matter as diligently as they do in all else?


    These are early days, with the rolling out of hundreds of millions of doses of experimental vaccines (and YES, they are, in the normal time scale of caution after the devastating thalidomide saga, and
    the knowledge of species crossing and known dangers associated with irresponsible GMO unethical practices of uncontrolled CRISP-R technologies.).

    We have IVERMECTIN, and a rapid, global rollout of a cheap, safe, drug could end this pandemic within 10 to 14 days. Why then the hesitance?
    Global politics, a carefully constructed edifice of a world broken up and the loss of profit centres, masquerading as controlled national interests?

    Is it the case that for National governments, vaccines present a golden opportunity to, so to speak, both have their cake and eat it? While the PANDEMIC rages on a GLOBAL level, and requires a GLOBAL effort, many, especially Capitalist and Imperialist countries want and see this pandemic as a NATION-based challenge, with solutions equated to NATION(al) interests being served.

    And here comes SAFE, EFFICIENT, GLOBALLY AVAILABLE IVERMECTIN and upsets this (to mix metaphors) apple-cart.