Stanford Data Science Resources Connects Researchers with Data Experts

The newly launched Stanford Data Science Resources website is a central portal from which data scientists can access advanced tools, data platforms and experts in diverse methodologies for conducting biomedical research.

At the heart of this website is a consultation-request form that quickly connects researchers with experts, advice and resources needed for a given project. Requestors may submit a research question, a data need or a query on study design or methodology. Each will be matched with the appropriate Stanford research support team.

Experts are available from the Center for Population Health SciencesDepartment of Biomedical Data Science, Research Informatics Center, Research Information Technologies group and Quantitative Sciences Unit. These specialists can provide advice in a variety of areas, including general project support, biostatistics, informatics, mobile technologies and research information technologies. The portal also provides researchers with an organized starting point for selecting secure electronic data capture applications and research management platforms.

The web portal gives investigators access to tools, datasets, data platforms and methodologies for conducting innovative clinical and translational research.

The School of Medicine offers a limited initial consultation (underwritten by the Dean’s Office and Spectrum) to help researchers identify the resources you need. These consults may lead to longer-term engagements and partnerships with one or more of the consulting groups from across the School of Medicine.

Through these consulting groups, you can access the many datasets of the DASHER data commons, as well as a variety of platforms and tools and research services, including expert advice on databases and management, study design and implementation, biostatistics, informatics, technology integration, and much more.