Stanford COURAGE Trial Points to Criticality of LifeStyle Interventions

As reported in TCTMD, Yael Maxwell writes about the COURAGE trial and the finding that patients with stable ischemic heart disease and risk factors under control, the more likely they are to survive long-term. “This should emphasize what most of us already believe, which is that controlling the factors that contribute to atherosclerosis reduces death. And yet, it is somewhat alarming how poorly we control risk factors,” lead author David Maron, MD (Stanford University School of Medicine, CA), told TCTMD. “The most surprising part of this analysis was that most of the effect was in the lifestyle risk factors, and we’re not very good as a profession at motivating and guiding patients to make lifestyle changes. So I think that this hopefully will be a call to action to pay attention to the nonglamorous and frankly nonprescription interventions that we should be making for patients with coronary artery disease.” Follow the link and read the rest of Ms. Maxwell’s article.


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