St. Michael’s Hospital Meta-Analysis Finds Soy Protein Reduces LDL by 3-4%

St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada sponsored a study recently as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had plans to remove soy from its list of healthy foods for the heart. The Canadian researchers, via the St. Michael’s Hospital, conducted a meta-analysis of 46 existing trials that systematically reviewed soy to determine the validity of the upcoming changes.

Led by Dr. David Jenkins, the team discovered that out of the 46 trials, 43 provided materially sufficient data for meta-analysis. They ultimately found that soy protein in fact, reduces LDL cholesterol by 3-4% in adults. A study limitation was the fact that the researchers analyzed exclusively the 46 studies the FDA had referred to previously, rather than seeking a broader data sampling. Jenkins and team hope that their research results influence the FDA’s consideration. See link below for study source.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. David Jenkins