Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center Joints Elite NCI Cancer Networks to Offer State-of-Art Clinical Trials to Nebraskan Cancer Patients

Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center Joints Elite NCI Cancer Networks to Offer State-of-Art Clinical Trials to Nebraskan Cancer Patients

The Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center (SNCC) brings the clinical research as a care option movement to Lincoln, Nebraska, and more generally the eastern regions of the state. By offering local patients with advanced oncologic and hematologic diagnoses comprehensive, progressive medical care in a localized, familiar, and compassionate setting now the most promising novel approaches to cancer care are available thanks to a greenlight from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Up to a third of the best cancer therapies are only accessible via clinical trial therefore, moving forward, Lincoln, Nebraska residents struggling with cancer should be aware of the offerings at SNCC.

What is the clinical research as a care option movement?

With escalating American healthcare costs and possibly 30 million or so with no payer coverage, and tens of millions additionally underinsured, the actual cost of care becomes an ever bigger rampart between patient and provider.  Moreover, even for those with access the quest for quality care can at times represent a challenge while many if not most patients and physicians lack thorough and comprehensive knowledge and awareness as to what new and innovative care could help them.

Enter the clinical research as a care option movement which seeks to seamlessly and organically integrate the clinical trial into the clinic for improved individual and community outcomes, ultimately lower costs and greater provider satisfaction or what is now known as the quadruple aim.

The Conference Forum, a life science industry conference and information organization, dedicates significant resources and investment to evangelizing and spreading the world about the importance of the clinical research as a care option initiative. Recently, they held a conference covering the topic (TrialSite was a proud sponsor). As was described at the conference, the raging pandemic reminds of the importance of closing the gaps between research and care. With over 50 presenters, the conference raised a handful of key goals associated with more effectively integrating clinical care with clinical research options.

TrialSite is dedicated to this nascent movement centering on the patient, provider and the right care (standard of care plus an advanced therapy if the situation justifies) at the right time for the right patient.

What does the recent SNCC announcement change?

Now SNCC can offer expanded clinical trial access once it becomes a member of two major NCI cancer research networks: Alliance as an affiliate of MD Anderson Cancer Center and ECOG—ACRIN. Venerable institutions, now SNCC can significantly expand cancer therapy treatments for community residents based on its participation in these networks.

Why did SNCC get approved by NCI?

Well this wasn’t done overnight. In fact, entry into these networks enabling more seamless integration of clinical care with the most advanced cancer research was made possible by an extensive lengthy application process. SNCC ultimately had to demonstrate to the federal government that it could pass all of the network membership requirements such as data quality and safety, adherence to national policies and procedures, etc.

Justin Rousek, PhD, SNCC, executive director, emphasized, “This was no easy task.” He declared, “It required a complete internal restructuring and conceptual reframing for how we carry out cancer research in this community.” Importantly, Dr. Rousek emphasizes that a medical center cannot simply access clinical trials but must fundamentally scrutinize its practice and processes to entertain a transformation supporting the ultimate integration of clinical care with research.

COVID-19: Tough Times

The executive director recently quoted in the Lincoln Journal Star, emphasized that COVID-19 has adversely impacted cancer patients. Travel, for example, becomes problematic especially if the trip is hours to a major academic medical center. Bringing clinical trials closer to small cities and towns and rural areas across America makes great sense.

About the Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center

Abbreviated as SNCC, this community oncology practice and treatment center is actually a part of Bryan Health, a Nebraska-governed, nonprofit health system that cares for patients, educates tomorrow’s health care providers and motivates their community with fitness and health programs. The health system owns and operates a number of centers and physician networks from Bryan Medical Center and Merrick Medical Center to Bryan Telemedicine and Bryan Health Connect

SNCC touts its dedication to offering patients with access to the latest treatment protocols, clinical trials and a personalized approach to diagnosis and therapy.

Lead Contact

Justin Rousek, PhD

Call to action: If you live in the Lincoln, Nebraska, region and have a loved one with a cancer diagnosis, note that SNCC has significantly greater access to advanced clinical trials. Contact SNCC or feel free to contact TrialSite as well.